Stag shrinkage.

Jun 19, 2000
I recently noticed a paper thin gap between the stag round handle and the spacers on one of my knives. Do I understand correctly that soaking the handle in a jar of mineral oil will cause the stag to swell again and close this gap?

I've read the posts about mineral oil on stag and ivory, but I want to double check before trying it. This is a nice Stout and I want to do the best thing.

Thank you.
Make shift humidor.

Go by a Tuperware style bin from a local grocery store. Just a little bigger than needed to fit the knife.

Go to a local florist or craft supply and buy a small block of the green floral foam. Soak the foam in some water. Let it drip off until just moist. Put your knife and foam inside the bin. You don't need the foam to be any bigger than 1"sq.

MAKE SURE and protect the blade and other metal parts from rust.