Stained Scrimshaw

Oct 29, 2004
I recently purchased a Schrade scrimshaw fixed blade knife from ebay and the bottom side of the knife handle is stained from the red velvet in the box. Any suggestions on how to remove the stain?
Well let's see. Delrin is pretty tough stuff, so the dye stain is probably just on the surface. I wouldn't use an abrasive cleaner, nope, nor one that is chalky. Mean Green comes first to mind. Just dampen some soft white cotton cloth with it and wipe gently. That may take it off. Rinse the stuff off good.

Turtlewax white polishing compound comes next to mind. I use it on my Old Timer delrin to take off the grunge and add a bit of shine. It does leave a bit of white wax behind, so you will want to keep it out of the liners and away from the inked scrim.

Codger - as nonprofessional as an opinion can get ;)
I'm not familiar with the green stuff? I did try a light rubbing compound but that didnt work and didnt want to push my luck,Let me know what this green stuff is ok?
You can get it at Walmart and Ace Hardware... a spray bottle. It is a nonabrasive cleaner. I use it to clean rust and stains, grease, scale from cycolac and pve plastic on swimming pools. Then I found it cleans my work hats great, Then my knife handles. It is called Mean Green, or Simple Green, or one variety is Simple Orange. Pretty benign stuff but it cleans great. I even use it to clean the bedliner in my truck. And the kitchen floor and stovetop. Great stuff. Chlorox would be a last resort, right along with red rouge, polishing compound. If you have to go that far, you can use the white compound to restore the shine.
Hey Schrade Crazy, did you get the red out? If not, maybe a former Schrade repair worker who has seen this sort of thing before will chime in (hint, hint)

Actually, to be honest, I have never heard of this happening before. We used to use "Blue Magic" to get tarnish, dirt and all that good stuff off and make the knives look good as new. You just wipe in on, rub it around and buff it off, but be sure not to wipe it from one material surface to the other, because it will carry over. The other thing that we had was some kind of citrus orange stuff that worked pretty good for "newing" up the knives. Something else that I would try myself just to get stain out, but I've never seen it used in the factory, is a smooth white toothpaste. That stuff works great for all kinds of stains. Just be sure not to use ANYTHING abrasive, and don't soak it for ANY length of time, because that will definitely ruin your knife.