stainless steel

May 5, 2008
in gonna put together a couple of fillet knifes for some friends and im just gonna buy some blanks which stainless would be better 440 c , 8a, 6a. mostly im looking fot something to hold the best edge. thanks. i really appreicate the help that ive been given so far its made my knife making very pleasent.:)
For a fillet knife 440C would probaly be the best choice,good corosion resistance and easy to sharpen.
I agree 440C would be fine. You may want to consider 154CM - which is modified 440C with better edge retention and better corrosion resistance. Another step would be to CPM154 - which adds about double the toughness to the mixture.

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If it's going to be a filet knife, you want it to be flexible, at least to some extent, so I'd rule out the high end stainless. You might want to go right on the edge of stainless if it must be pretty well stainless and go with D2 (which is basically 400C with slightly less chromium) b/c you can differentially HT and temper it....

An excellent pre-made fillet blank is Texas Knife Supply's,East Bay Fillet blade, The stock number is BL447. It is in 440C ,and comes ready to add a handle, $16.95. With a cryo treated blade it is #BL447C for $20.45. Sheath is #12. This is an excellent blade for all around kitchen and fillet work.
thank you all for the responses i think i will go with the pre made cryoed blade tho i i will keep all the advice written down for projects down the rode. thanks again. brandon.