Stainless Walden 137?


Oct 8, 2004
I have a near mint Schrade Walden 137 fixed blade knife with a left hand serrated blade. It appears to be stainless EXCEPT.... there seems to be a blade coating (plastic?) beginning to peel near the guard. Is it a carbon blade with a factory coating? A stainless blade? The "137" is etched on the right side of the blade, and the tang stamp is on the left. It has an aluminum guard and a pinned aluminum butt, with stacked leather handle, three black and two white spacers alternated fore and aft. All the 137's I have found recently on ebay are carbon and non-serrated. Any guesses?

It does look about right for scorpion skinning!

Sep 6, 2002
Unless you've fished them out of your swimming hole (OK, pool) or stared eyeball to stinger, while you were sitting on Thomas Crapper's best invention, it's not like you can be too sure of how to "SKIN" one, or how good they are in, I wish I had Phil's XTimer the first time I met one in our bathroom, I was scared shi....... well, you know.... 'cause I was stark nekkid (Sorry, Debbie)......I ended up squishin' him, and he didn't make the cut for Southwestern chili. Today's catch, prepared with the Double Eagle Frontier I got from our very own knife reviewer Phil, would most likely be good stock for chili for our winter visitors, but only if we mixed in a little rattlesnake meat. Whose to know? :D

Welcome to Arizona,

Oct 19, 2004
I do know that there was a real short period of time, when the 137 and a few of the other hunters from the same period were made using tungsten carbide. Don't know for sure, but is it possible that tungsten carbide could peel like you mentioned. All I know is a peeling blade doesn't sound like it would be a nekked guy's first choice for rasslin a scorpion from a sitting down position. (Ya gotta laugh!!!)
Dec 26, 2002
I´m learning lots of English from trying to understand these posts ...

Not a Schrade (sorry) but I have a Muela Scorpion with black coated blade, it´s the 18N like the one in the middle of the picture here:

Not sure if it would be appropriate for the task, a big Texas sized fly swatter may be the thing to use (unless you could fit them in a garlic press). My brother used to have a house down in Morelos and there were plenty of them little brown/yellow scorpions around, you could see them walking on the ceiling often, if you ever got stung by one you´d get a fever and a big red spot, ugly but not deadly (to most people at least).

Keep Schrading,