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stains on your knife

Apr 21, 1999
It appears I have some stains on my knife. I scrubbed the hell out of it, but only some of them came off. Is there any special way to get these stains off? I drank a little too much on the 4th of July and I decided this tree needed to have a couple of its branches cut off. Thats where the stains came from.

Nice going. You probably etched the blade with the acids in the tree sap/juice. Short of sanding them out with a fine grit paper (kind of depends what finish the blade is) or fine steel wool, there probably isn't anything else that can be done.

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If you have a Dremel (we almost need a d**n dremel forum on here!), I would recommend taking one of the white polishing wheels (cloth-like) and some jewelers rouge to it. You can get the rouge at the dremel display in any -Mart. I had some rust on an ATS34 blade (actually, two blades, and quite a bit of rust) and the dremel worked great. It took a while on one of them, but they both look better than new now. More polished look, as opposed to the ever-present satin finish. HTH

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oops, sorry for the swearing. I thought (again, wrongly) that the server would censor. Why does it do that sometimes, and sometimes ... not?

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Try a knife "eraser" available at your local cutlery shop. It looks like an eraser but is impregnated with a mild abrasive to remove tough stains/light rust.

p.s. United Cutlery carries it under part No. UC135 Price ~$2.99

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Try all these things plus some Simichrome, then learn to live with a knife that looks as though it has actually been used to cut something. They become ever friendlier as they grow more individual.

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I've tried this and it worked. A very small dab of toothpaste and a pencil eraser. Rub as hard as it takes, if you use too much paste it will get a little to slick. Don't delay. Best of luck!