Nov 4, 1998
I managed to get my paws on one of these things. It just came in today, so here are my initial impressions.

I like the blade shape. It just looks like a good design overall for a knife abuser like me, the tip is not overly thin, and it has a nice belly. The thickness of the blade(looks like .160") is re-assuring and the hole in placed nicely so I do not have to stop in mid-flick to re-position my hand to open it. It was hair popping sharp out of the box, and the edge grind is perfectly even along both sides. The blade looks really good.

The lock is also pretty secure. Most of y'all know I hate linerlocks in general. The Starmate's is probably the best executed production linerlock I have seen. IT feels beefy, and there is zero play in any direction. The action is smoother than that of my Axis. It passes the SpineWhack test with flying colors. (Lord, does it sound good when it locks open...oh-oh-ohoh-ohoh-oh....)

Up to this point, it is a very nice knife. My reservations are in the area of ergonomics. I hate to say it, but this thing ain't comfortable, mostly because of the clip and the d**n notch cut out for the linerlock. The clip digs into my upper palm, and the liner digs (because the g10 is cut out only on one side), almost cuts into, the fleshy area of my index finger between the 2nd & 3rd knuckle. What is funny is that this knife feels nice in my left hand, unfortunately, it clips in to the right pocket. And if it were made to clip into the left pocket, I would be back to my gripe about the clip digging into my palm. It is tempting to ditch the clip and get a belt sheath, and if I were a southpaw, I'd probably do it. It does feel good, or at least better, in the left hand.

What I think I would do (if I were in charge) would to make the notch on both sides of the knife and make the liner flush. Basically I would make an actual index groove instead of a release notch (which I find to be a bad idea anyhow because it opens the window of accidental release) Ergonomics would improve 100% that way. I did pull off the clip to see how much of a difference it would make, and it is significant, but the notch, or lack of it being on both sides, still makes for an uncomforatble grip. My roomate came to the same conclusion.

Overall, I think that this is an example of "so close, but oh so far"....I love the blade on this knife. IT is straight forward and useful looking (and 440v!), but the handle is so darn uncomfortable. Perhaps I am spoiled by the near ergonomic perfection of the Axis. I don't know. If I keep it, I will Dremelize it, I think that the linerlock is large enough that it would not suffer too much if it were ground on a little.


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Hey Yek!

Isn't the Starmate's blade supposed to be as stout as the Military's?

I'm a lefty, so I think that knife should work well with me.

Yekim, I agree we're getting a lot of great knife blade materials lately, and also that makers can find a lot of room for improvement in the "man-machine interface," that is, the handle.
The Blade seems stouter than the Military to me. Real thick and keeps its thickness almost to the tip..the Military seemed to thin out a little..


It's probably too soon to ask, but is the liner lock cutout something that your right hand could adapt to easily? When I first got my Genesis I hated the cutout because the G10 would dig into my right index finger. That didn't happen of course when I handled the Genesis with my left hand. But my right hand seemed to adapt to this quite easily.