Oct 7, 1998
I just received one of the new Spyerco Starmates designed by Robert Terzuola. Mine has a plain edge.

This is the best Spyderco knife I've ever seen - and I have a high opinion of Spyderco to start with.

The blade is made from CPM 440V steel and is "Sebenza sharp" right out of the box.

This is a rather large knife but because there is no liner and the grip scales are made from black G-10, the knife is really light and fast handling.

Lock up is of the liner locking type but as there's no liner, a piece of titanium is recessed into the right scale. It has the ususal ball bearing detent to hold the knife closed an the fit and lockup on the knife is flawless. This knife locks open rock solid.

Another point of interest is the clip. It appears to be made from polished stainless and is attached to the knife with 3 screws forming a triangle around the pivot screw. The clip is drilled to allow tensioning the pivot without removing the clip. Some knives have wimpy or badly designed clips. This is a clip to inspire confidence. Well made with smoothe corners and just the right amount of tension.

The overall design of the knife allows it to sit perfectly in the hand with the thumb forward along the blade spine. All sharp corners along the spine are chamfered.

The Starmate has a very nice feel to it too. If for example the feel of a Sebenza would compare to that of a M1911 Colt, then I'd say the feel of the Starmate compares to that of a Glock or perhaps a recent HK. There's no "handmade" feeling about the Starmate: just pure technik done to perfection.

My Compliments to Mr. Terzuola and to Spyderco.