"Starship Troopers" name that knife?

Jun 17, 1999

Hello one & all,

Well, as we all know there is many a Hollywood movie that features knives (come on you know the genres), yet some more so get our attention then others.

I recently read on the Spyderco forum, with avid interest, a listing of several films in which Spyderco knives had a cameo. Well, listed, among other, was the sci-fi flic "Starship Troopers."

A buddy of mine has the deluxe, wide screen, laser disc version of said movie, hence I decided to sit down and briefly scan through it.

The Knife in question, however, that ended up getting my attention was one that made its appearance towards the climactic end.

It was the one wielded by the stranded duo of fleet officers, that had gotten it from their escape pod, on the bug planet (ergo 'brain bug's" debut).

It looked, from what I recall, like a stainless steel, double edge, skeleton handle knife. This possibly may be something not entirely worthy of creating a bruha over, yet I was curious all the same!

Thank you,

Michael Cedric


"You learn something new every day!"

Danny Ridenhour,

Well, for starters, thank you very much for your prompt response.

I had, a few days ago, already started another thread (SEE "PLAYBOY & Knives") on this forum in which Corduroy mentioned this to be a covert/diver United knife (as, in addition to said movie, it may also have appeared in a pictorial).

I have checked out United Cutlery's web site, and conducted an extensive net search, yet no United Dive knive model UC-247 has come up thus far (which makes me suspect it may have been discontinued).

You have, however, thus far offered the best/closest lead in all. Thank you!

Have a grand weekend,

Michael C. Swiney


"You learn something new every day!"


Skeleton-handled dive knives are pretty common even if United has discontinued theirs. You might be able to find a similar blade.

Discount knives (www.discountknives.com) had the item listed among their United Cutlery catalog pages:


You might query them as to whether or not they have any in stock. Hope this helps.


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That fellow on the bottom's the one I was thinking of. Thanks for the pic. Think it may have come in other sheath variations, though, as I don't recall that big dive sheath.

Hey Guys,

The Mystery has now been lifted as (w/o the serrations) the knife in question is United Cutlery's "Stingray Diving Knife" UC-247.

Curdoroy, thank you for having mentioned this to have been a United Cutlery item on another thread (PLAYBOY & knives).

888KNIVESRUS, thank you for having come up with the model designation number.

Razoredj, thank you for having come up with a picture of said model as well as the source where to buy it from.

Now lets just hope I never fall overboard and actully have to make use of the damn thing...

Have a great weekend one & all,

Michael Cedric Swiney


"You learn something new every day!"