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Starting a knife dealership in Colorado

Nov 15, 2000
What must be done to start a knife dealership in Colorado? Just start a business, get a tax license, and call on manufacturers? I'm quite serious about getting this going, so any help would be appreciated! Basically, what counsel can be given to a starter-upper? Thanks, Jason
good question. I would suggest contacting the local city or county that you will be operating in. They will advise you how to obtain a business license for the area. I would also contact some knife distributors like Matthews and Blueridge as well as contacting some of the knife companies about purchasing knives as a dealer.

Dennis Bible
Thanks. I've also observed that dealers around here are all stores. Do you think it is a bad idea to start the business without a store? I'm thinking internet presence, word or mouth, shows, etc.. If it makes sense later, I would be serious about a store front as well. Any thoughts?
Oh, also, what about insurance? Is a particular type of insurance mandatory to sell knives? Basically, there are no informational books of web sites I know of to answer the specifics of selling knives, so I'm trying to anticipate this now. What else am I overlooking?

I'm already pretty informed about the actual process to start a business and get a tax id. It's the peculiars about knives that I'm concerned about.
One of the great things about the internet is it allows people to open shop without a storefront, startup is relatively inexpensive, and you can reach more customers. It wouldn't bother me in the least to not have a storefront.

I am really not sure about insurance. Is there a certain kind you think you may need?

Dennis Bible
Well, I just figured that because the industry is related to potential weapon use, that there would be insurance needs to protect me against wrong-doers who purchase through my company, etc...

I am going to move this topic to the general forum where I believe it would get more responses.