starting knife bussines

Feb 6, 1999
I am contamplating starting a web based business selling quality cutlery???? I would like any imput from buyers on what they excpect when doing business on the net??
Also any input from those of you already operating on the net???
Where does one find best wholesale prices???
Thanks Brad

As a buyer I look for a dealer with knowledge about the product, good prices, and one who doesn't try to "push" you. Also, if I order a knife, etc; I want it fast not several wks. down the road, if it isn't going to be shipped within a couple of days then I like to be told that.
Having dealt with several dealers on the net, I can tell you one thing.....there are some excellent dealers & guys here!!
If you do decide to get into business, I wish you success!
Hey Brad:

Check out the Good Bad and Ugly Forum down under the For Sale Forums.

That's sort of Marketing 101 for your venture.