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Starting the New Year off right What have you got going on?

Oct 3, 2003
Well, I have 9 knives almost complete for the new year. All handles are roughed in and ready for hand attention :)

Yep Mark.....yours is in there too:thumbup:

What do you guys have going on for the new year?
Just took a billet to 378 layers. I'm thinking this one will get laddered.

Trying to get acquainted with some CPM 154 and also have a couple in 3V I am working on. This will only be the second time I have done anything with SS, first time was refinishing a couple of S30V blades that a guy bought from someone in Arizona that had bad grind marks still in them. CPM154 seems like it is going to be a little rough to get the last little scratches out.
hmmmm need to finish my first folder done under a teacher (George Dailey check out GeorgeDailey.com)

then i need to get my first one done in my own shop soon. should be a good year full of folder work
Got my first big chopper about ready for HT -- 10" of 3/16 x 1 1/2 O1. It'll also be my first peened, dovetailed bolsters (aluminum bronze with copper pins). Haven't decided for sure on the wood yet, probably either chechen or stabilized chestnut burl.

There's also a 7" carving blade that I've got to do the final hand sanding on and put a handle on. That'll be some cocobolo with curves that match the handle's.
building a 12' by 26' addition to my shop. Its long overdue. Still have some house remodeling to do but this year I plan to get some knives and guns made.
I am working on finishing thirty or so blades from before Christmas.About a dozen on the side burner since the fall,and the main event will be finishing those nine Moran knives. I also have a couple of spectacular knives in their infant stages. Some sneak peaks will be posted soon.The major 2007 project will be a set of Japanese swords/knives done in a wonderful damascus that Chris Marks forged up for me in 2005.He called it 13th Warrior (every 13th layer is 52100.There will be a katana, wakazashi, aikuchi, kozuka ....and if I get totally insane an o-dachi - all matching.

Well, that should keep me busy until summer anyway (I'm not saying summer of what year)
To inprove my all around skills, my best critic (my wife:) ) suggested I start off with the first batch of knives with new styles like hidden tang wood handles.
I like the formed type grip and the carving that goes into it. I also like the take down versions that I have seen by other makers. Kbaknife has a post that makes me want to give it a try.
It will be a Year of style changes:thumbup:
Dave And Wendy
I am in NYC, looking out my 36th floor hotel window at Times Square!!!!!!:D After i get back, I need to finish up 5 knives and make some more and decide whether I need a new shop......or a new house!!! lol
Want to start of the year right with a new forge capable of forge welding, as my current atmospheric single burner doesnt get hot enough, and then just practice on the 30 feet of 1x3/16 1084 I've got all year =)
Working on a forge IG style, and my first knife. Hopefully this new year will bring much knowledge from all of you.
I got a forged hunting knife I need to put a handle on and a couple of bowies that still need to be HT'd and then handled.

looking to make some damascus in the new year and maybe a sword

cya and have a happy New Year Everyone
Finishing up a few more damascus JD-EDC forum knives, some 1084 high carbon ones as well and soon I'm hoping the squeak in the time to start a damascus hunting bowie with about a 15" blade....along with the standard orders, of course.
bought some 1095 and O1 and am learning to do my own heat treating...wow when it all comes together and you get a nice temper line...getting addicting!
Working on my first double-edge blade. The grinds came out pretty well. The line between the bevels... um, ridge? Spine? You know, where the fuller would go if there were one... Anyhow, that's pretty perfectly straight and in line with the center line I scribed down the handle for drilling holes. So that's good.

But my plunges lines are a little screwy. Two of them, anyway; two are good. Gotta repair those, not sure just yet how I'll do it. HT is already done. :( :confused:

Anyhow, fun project, quite challenging.

Working on my first forged bowie, along with some orders. Also making some forging tools,ie-tongs, benders, fullers.