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Oct 31, 1998
How many State, and Federal Prison Members do we have? Now I will bet these people can tell us some great knife stories, on construction methods !
I visited my uncle in the State pen when I was about 8 or 9. He killed his wife, after she folled around on him, so he was sentenced to life. Anyway he told me how a few inmates would make a knife out of newspaper and soap. Beleive it or not.

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Uh, are you talking about the last 5 to 10? Current "members" probably would not be allowed to surf. And do Turkish prisons count?
Hey Mike, was the "soapy sticker" only used in the shower? After a paper was dropped? (snicker)


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Had a freind that was at San Quintin (sp?), he mentioned something about a tooth brush.
You can take a newpaper and soap it up. Then shape it in the form of a heavy, blunt yet sharp object. Let it dry in the sun and there ya go, a knife.

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Mike Turber
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You're only allowed about an hour of sun a day. Probably have to leave it in the tanning salon.
I've never been in a federal prison, but I ain't ashamed to say that I've been in and out of state corectional facilities in my past. Most of the time I wasn't doing anything immoral, as opposed to illegal, depending on your viewpoint.

Anyway, having been in many, I can say the whole violence thing in jails is really hyped too much. I'd imagine that prisons are worse, but jails are more boring than anything else. I don't know how people got the impression that jails are like country clubs, `cause we only got to go outside for one hour week, even then only in a very small fenced in backtop that barely helded all of my pod that was at twice intended capactiy, we didn't have any weights and were not allowed to lift weights, any money you had going in was gone in a couple weeks because they stuck it in a jail bank account that charged 25% intrest a week, and you had to buy your underpants, shampoo, deodorant and such with it, we had no television nor anything to read but a pocket version of the New Testament(you were out of luck if you weren't Christian), barely got fed anything, well it goes on and on but the gist of it is that it was boring as hell.

But, everybody pretty much learned to get along with eachother, because you didn't really have any other choice. Or sure, a scuffel once in a while, but everybody tried to treat everybody else with a degree of respect and dignity.

Also, it ain't full of a bunch of freaks and hoodlums like you hear, even the jails in the rougher counties. Pretty much the same people in there as you meet on the street.

That said, toothbrushes were the only thing you could hope to make a shiv out of. Even then you had to get a trustee to slip you an extra toothbrush because the collected them every week and if you didn't turn one in there was hell to pay. The beds were made out of sheet metal welded together, no springs or slats, and the only dangerous weapon you had access to if you got so lucky as to be allowed to work in the kitchen was a spork. Which they counted and collected at every meal. Razors were only given out for 15 minutes once a week, and then, you guessed it, collected and counted.

I'm not saying you could get contraband up in the pods, but we're talkig benign stuff like drugs and pornography.

The most dangerous thing you had access to was your towel and your one-piece solid rubber sandals. Only the towel was too small to put the sandal in to make a sap, and the soap, if you were lucky enough to have some, was the size of the stuff they give you in hotels. You could smack somebody with the sandle, but it was no more damaging than a bare hand.

Sure, every now and then things would get out of hand, and the longer your stay the more likely you get caught up in it, but it wasn't an every day experience. As long as you let it be known that you weren't affraid to kick some ass when required, you were given your space.

Hell, once while waiting for lunch the resident big badass cut in front of me and took my tray. I expressed my displeasure in no uncertain terms, he issued a stream of foul language and then gave me his tea to make up for it.

Chow line is perhaps the one thing you've got to watch, because eating is one of the few pleasures you have in there, so when somebody cuts in line and the ousted party doesn't do something about it people take it as a sign of weakness and then you might get in some trouble. Solitary is no big deal for me, and it would have been worth that plus the extra time and possible beat down to have gone toe to toe with this joker had he not made amends.

But again, it never came to blows. He understood what he'd done was way outa line, and tried to make it right. I should note that this guy was about three times my size and between him and his buddies he could have probably mopped the floor with me.
Newspaper is rolled very tightly to a point and the soap is used as a sort of glue. Sorta like the way they make g-10. After it dries you got something like disposable ice pick. Pen clips also make nice little razors and sandpaper is very abundent in N.Y. state correctional facilities. But the weapon of choice is an icepick, not a knife.
Awlright Snickersnee! I love your posts, man. You just painted a picture everyone can see.
By the way, it would be great going gator hunting with you. I think the next monthly give away here at bladeforum should be a "primitive adventure" guided by you! What a ride that would be.

Stray, I see you are quite the slayer of snook!

I also see you stay in S.E. Florida, right? Maybe I can make some time and see how you fair against my preffered game... Probably be boar instead of aligator though. You don't need any liscence and boar season is never closed, you just gotta know somebody with a couple acres who doesn't particularly care for the pigs.

I'll have to try that soap and newspaper thing. Somehow it doesn't inspire confidence.

Was it ComTech's Modern Knives that ran an article on combat origami a couple months back?
We have no fear of cons learning their trade from us. On the contrary, we could learn from them. I am speaking as an LEO.They do not do fancy. It is in and out and a body in 2 secs.Few of us can come up with that viciousness.A fast decision and a brutal response.

There was a thread on this subject a long time ago, but since we no longer have a search feature I don't mind re-hashing for newer members.

I have spent way too many years behind "The Walls". Fortunately on the LEO side.

I have seen in use and confiscated MANY different types of "shanks". Some of them are pretty ingenious.

Mike said that you can make a weapon from newspaper and soap. Well, this is true except that it has a tendency to break off in the subject. I have also seen this done with toilet paper.

I have also seen weapons made from small pieces of plexiglass, and ANY petroleum based product can be melted and formed with ease (including plastic garbage bags).

There have been pencils, Bic pens(really wicked when melted and formed), toothbrushes with a razor melted into the bristles (although Snickersee had his collected,we do not do this), thin steel rods pulled from fan covers, and even battery or soap powered socks (remember the movie "Bad Boy's where Sean Penn used soda cans?), and many others.

Mind you that these "weapons" are not used very often, but with more and more gang members (especially minors), resorting to weapons instead of fists, it is more common these days (we recently had a guy's face slashed from his ear to his chin).

Some days are uneventful, some are not.

Just my little glimpse into "My World"

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
I want to know about what convicts do regarding knives about as much as I would want a serial rapist to tell me how to rape someone or a heroin addict to tell me how to shoot up!

Seriously though folks, do we really want to know how the derelicts of our society make tools to kill each other with in prison?

Creeps me out...

I understand your concern but I think the jest is under extreme conditions can you still make a knife.

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Jailhack is the expert.Cons make guns in prison. These are probably the recidivest type.

... do we really want to know how the derelicts of our society make tools to kill each other with in prison?


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Just because someone has been to jail doesn't mean they're a derelict.
I am 100% positive that my opinions on this will be in complete conflict with some of you. So, in the interest of not turning this thread into a discourse on my opinion of those that have commited crimes against society and are now incarcerated because of their misconduct, I will simply say:

We all have opinions and all of them are as valid as anyone else's.

Chris Canis

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