State of the knife industry maybe?

This is a very interesting and important thread. Thanx to STR for starting it.

I think the PVA is an excellent organization and I commend Kershaw for their involvement. I can also say that Ken worked hard to convince "corporate" to give up profit for it. I think it is a wee bit insulting to assume that the line is being sold on the charitable aspects.

While I'm at it, I would like to see more knife companies get involved in "community". Spyderco has its OIF/OEF ongoing project. AG Russell has his ongoing shipments to the troops in the middle east. Kershaw has the PVA project. I commend these projects. I'm sure there are others that I'm not aware of. It's good for the recipients, and they appreciate the effort. It's good for the companies internally and it's good for the industry.

I do agree that the knife industry is changing and I do agree that awareness and concern for these changes is a good thing. Laws worldwide are affecting knife ownership and carry. Public opinion is affecting knife interest and carry.

I also see a "great divide" in these directions. On the one side, knife laws and public perception are leaning towards smaller blades, non locking blades, non tactical blades.

At the same time, I see growth in "quasi-legal" models and it is possible to purchase autos, balis gravity knives, etc. on line and shipped anywhere.

In the 60's hardly an eyebrow was raised when I cut something with my Buck 110. Now a 4" blade is hardly perceived as anything other than a weapon. As crime increases, more and more are thinking of carrying a knife for Self defense. Which is illegal in many jurisdictions.

The next 20 years will see additional changes.

I appreciate hearing your input.

I'd like to see a TV show or radio show dedicated to just knives. You know a half hour thing once a week. We can call it "Knife Talk" and have guests on from the manufacturers on as well as celebrities like Angilina Jolie, James Spader and other known knife nuts as guest now and then. Something to cover current trends, latest and greatest in hunting, tactical, self defense and crafts and carving as well as surgical and other specialty knives. I think that would be just grand to be able to have a format like that to get speakers from the site on live for phone calls and live chat personally. STR

Man, I'd love to see that! The closest I've seen to any positive knife airtime is on the History Channel now and again.