Status of the large survival sheaths?

Dec 7, 2007

Is High Speed Gear getting close to having the new survival sheaths for knives with blades of 10"-12" completed? I am still interested in getting a couple of those when they become available.
They tell me yes. I'm sure they're tired of me calling.
Any day now. HSGI is swamped, of course, but Gene assures me he's on top of it.
HSGI is still holding out on me. They're so busy my orders aren't looking attractive to them. I'm looking at a local guy today.
New change the sheaths will now be made by Esstac, whom some of you may know of. He's local (a few hours away) so I'm going to face to face with him. Essentially, I will be able to put a custom liner is a "survival sheath" style nylon sheath, with a pouch, in one of three colors.

Updates this week.
Face to faced with Stu at Esstac today. We'll have protos next week. Stu and his crew do fine work. I'm very sure these will be the best sheaths so far.

Stay tuned.
This week, with luck.
Yes, Wednesday there will be pictures. The proto is done.
Yes, Wednesday there will be pictures. The proto is done.

What knife width & thickness is the sheath designed for?

I have a vew knives in the 8-12" blade length range, but of course the blade widths & thickness (Fat Battle Mistress on one extreme end) are all over the map.

Thanks for the info.
The Mistress has a template already, and every liner will be custom fit, so it will definately fit.
It will be in that section, but will appear here first.
The molds for the Busses are a wooden form, that will still require a shipped in handle of your blade, but the template is wood for the sewing process.