Stealth Cheyenne by James Brothers-awesome

Oct 28, 1998
I was lucky to find a Steath Cheyenne by James Brothers for sale as used from someone who needed some cash. It is as mint as a knife can be, never having been carried or ever cutting anything. This is the best made auto knife I've yet seen. It compares favorably to my MT with less "play" in the system and a smoother release. I'm handicapped (no fingers as one of many problems) and te release is a little hard to push for me. A larger button would help, but as I open it a number of times it seems a little easier to do. Using the best that Sentry Solutions has for lube on it also helped. The machined pocket clip works well, keeping the knife in place, either in my pocket or on the strap of my fannny pack yet easy to remove when needed. The shape of the handle is very comfortable and secure with little chance of your hand slipping while using the knife. The handle has removeable slabs; you can easily change the appearance of the knife. Several options are available with more planned (I've been told) in the near future. This also allows the owner to be creative and make his or her own handle slabs out of any material. I have a small piece of Purpleheart I plan on using on this knife -- it will look great! The blade is Tanto shaped, with a machined, not ground surface. There are many angles machined on each side giving the blade a futuristic look. The knife can be seen at where you will get a good description of the mechanism controlling the blade. Buy this auto if you are cleared to do so, you will be very pleased with it.


With respect to your handicap and the small buttons on most autos, have you ever seen Benchmade's Auto Spike ? The surface area of it's push button measures over 3/8".
Its blade is flat ground and comes to the sharpest point I own. Nowhere near as sturdy as the Cheyennes, but still marginally utilitarian as a cutter. Its best as a poker.
These can usually be purchased for about $100, or $120 with a clip. Unfortunately, they are scheduled to be dropped from Benchmade's line in the near future.
Take care, Bill

If you send the knife to me, I'll make some modification to the button to make it easier for you to depress.
If you would like to send a sketch on what you would like on the button (sizes ect. not knowing your exact handicap) i will see what I can do or I will come up with something i think would work for you. I also could make a button the same size but make it stand up higher on the knife and easier to push. Email me and we can work something out.

Jim Lozon
James Brother Knives
call anytime

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Any chance of you guys doing a run of Cheyenne's with larger buttons, of a size similar to the Microtech L-UDT? About a 1/4 inch diameter?

BTW, I love my Cheyenne, it's sweeeeeeeeet!


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Hello Jim,
I think a larger diameter button would solve all the problems. By increasing the surface area to push against, you decrease the overall stress need to open an auto, stress being equal to Force/Area. With the force needed to open a Cheyenne being a constant, bigger area means less stress on my poor hands. The Benchmade Auto Spike is much easier for me to open -- I like this knife very much. I can open it by pressing it between my palms. I'll send my NEXT Cheyenne back to you, Jim, for customizing the release button. No one that I've let try this knife has complained about how it opens, most don't want to give it back to me.


Of all the knives I have ever owned none have recevied the accolades that my Cheyenne has!

Scuba Doo
I'm with you there Dave. Everybody loves my Cheyenne.
I think this knife will grow in popularity when it gets more press.
OK, guys I'm convinced! But which one, as far handles. I kind of like the Blk Micarta grip. Please make up my mind...I want one!


Go for the grey, polished or black frame.
I really like James cocobolo wood. One of mine has grey skins and cocobolo wood. The other has polished skins and tortise shell scales. Its hard to choose which is prettiest.
Have a pair of cocobolo scales on the way for the polished one, though. I think it will look great.
Have a good time shopping. ABC has them currently discounted.