Steletto(Non-Auto) Price?

Aug 12, 1999
While in Budapest I bought an Italion Steletto(A black one sided blade and Stainless Steel with a gold dragon on the side) for about $13 at a fancy little collecters shop. I'm not sure if I got a deal or not. Does anyone have a Stiletto too and for how much?
well not really I have seen them in catalongs for about 7 dollars a piece, but it is worth it to get a few kissing kranes stilletos, really good quality.
Hey -- does that have a bull and bullfighter on the other side??? I was just remembering a knife I had when I was a kid like that ... I thought it was incredibly beautiful, at the time, and something reminded me of it and I went on a nostalgia trip ... wondering if they still make those, and if it really looked as good as it does in my memory. The scales were clear acrylic plastic with the designs inlaid on the underside, a red and gold dragon on one and a bullfight scene on the other.

Does it have a guard that folds along with the blade, lying along the side of the handle in the folded position? Mine did.

The one I had was ... um ... not great as far as usability is concerned. It had a thin soft stainless blade with a tendency to get bent. As I recall the lock wasn't tremendously reliable -- you'd better check that.

Accounting for inflation since the Cenozoic Era when I bought mine, $13 seems reasonable. If it's the same as mine was, though, it's more a looker than a user.

-Cougar Allen :{)
I just got a new Bud K catalog the other day. Man talk about a one stop shopping place for knock offs. Anyways in it there is a Italian looking Stilletto with a black plastic handle with a dragon on it $4.95 was the price.
The folding stiletto, much like the navaja, is a good design that suffers lazy manufacturers turning out bad examples.

There are good knives to be had in the genre, but you have to do a lot of leg work to find them.