Sterh 1 - Cmepx1


Sep 12, 2002
Anyone experience with this knife?
Made by Kizlyar, blade is X12MF comparable to D2.

They make nice hunting knives and damast knives as well. They look like good knives. Of course I didn't cut anything with it, just looked at them...
Those looks awesome! Very simple and practical. If those handles are a soft rubber that's a winner. Nice sheath too! What's the typical price range on those?
I don't know
A quick google gave me 94 $ for
and 92 $ for

But it seems to be the aus8 version.

On their German site is a bigger range:"hunting knives"

I gues if you guys buy in Europe you don't have to pay VAT, so minus 16% ?

They have a forum on knifeforums:

I also like their U-5
The blade might be a tab sorther for me

x12mf is cr12mo1v1.. ,, in english. its d2......
make it only in rods in russia,, or in by plates, not in thin sheet,
so we dont make many of them, maybe jenny will have some of these later this year................
not hard with the u-5 if you like it alittle shorter, snap the tip off and just regrind it,, .....
becuase its flat ground it wount effect the look of the grind,
very good knfie for smal things like rabbits and smal fish......
you can rougth up the leather grip for work if needed, but it is a good shape and wont normaly slip in the hand........
oh the stirkh knives are not 65x13,..... well the newer ones anyway , they are z60 . french steel, its aus-6
I have a fixed blade Sobol (Russian for Sable) M plain un-engraved. It is a very nice quality knife with an excellent walnut handle that is slightly curved and ensures that the hand doesn't slip- The finish is extremely good,surprisingly so and the sheath is strong,well-made and attractive. I got mine from Jenni who posted here. US customers can also check I'm hoping to get some more types soon e.g. Bear hunting knife and maybe a damascus steel folder. Supply seems a bit precarious,quality isn't.