Steve Agocs' *Polecat* Sheath

Nov 25, 1998
Here's another review of a Steve Agocs/Chiro75 sheath!

I had asked Steve to make a multi-purpose Kydex sheath for my Polkowski Polecat. Communicating only through e-mail with no sketches or photos, I explained that I wanted a sheath that could be worn in a Right Hand, Cross Draw (CD) carry as well as a Right Hand, Small-of-Back (SOB) carry. And if the CD carry could be IWB that would be better.

Steve came up with a single sheath that utilizes two different belt clips. The sheath is of the "folded over the blade spine" type and held together with Chicago screws that also allow attachment of the clips.

I must say I am really impressed! The main sheath itself is very nicely shaped to follow the blade shape with all edges smoothed and easy on the hands. The knife fits terrifically snugly with no blade rattle; I like that the sheath is contoured (molded to the blade geometry) on both sides. As I was only familiar with rivets as on the original sheath, I must say I really like those Chicago screws. Not only are they obviously neccessary to reconfigure the belt clips, I love that I can use them to tighten up or loosen the grip the sheath has on the blade. This allows for a perfect hold on the knife as well as a smooth draw.

I had also asked Steve to increase the sheath's cutout for the index finger notch on the knife handle, as this will give me a better grip on draw. He was able to accomodate me.

Both belt clips are true clips in that they can be put on and off without removing one's belt; a feature I liked from the original sheath. Both clips work really well. The first clip has four screwholes so that the knife can be worn either SOB above the belt or SOB in-line/on top of the belt. Those configurations have the knife parallel to the belt. The second clip allows the knife to ride IWB for a right hand draw. I choose to wear this in a cross draw carry. This clip has the knife handle angled up, protruding from the waistband. As with most belt clips/loops there is some sheath wiggle, but I think the only ideal way to get no wiggle on the belt is to build the sheath exactly to the exact belt I would *only* wear for that sheath.
But I've worn this sheath SOB, above the belt many days at work now and find it extremely comfortable.

A few detractions:
Some of the holes on the clips needed to be deburred (cosmetic, not a functional problem). Two holes were overdrilled resulting in the bit hitting Kydex not intended to be drilled (again cosmetic). And one of the inside edges of one clip was not sanded and smoothed (I can fix it myself). All of these were on the clips, not the main sheath. I mention these nit-picky items here (and to Steve) because I know he'll avoid them on future sheaths!

In conclusion, it's a great sheath for a good price. His turnaround time was about a week, but I think it would have been less if it also hadn't been the last week of his dog's life. (condolances again). His responses to e-mail were always prompt; I never felt left in the dark. After an initial trepidation about sending my custom knife off to a complete stranger, I felt my Polecat was in good hands. Although I've never met him, Steve seems to be completely trustworthy and honest in his business dealings. Most fulfilling was Steve's ability to imagine and create a design that I had merely described in e-mails. As I was able to be very specific about what I wanted, he was able to achieve a great degree of customer satisfaction!

This sheath can also be seen at Steve's website's sheath gallery.



I'm glad the sheath is working out for you, JB! It was a challenge, but it turned out to be pretty good. If you want to see the pictures of Al's original sheath, my sheath, and the Polecat knife itself, follow this URL (there is no commercial content on that is merely a gallery and descriptions of my creations):
<a href = "">Sheath Examples</a>. Also that belt clip allows for vertical carry, too! Al's knife is a great piece with fantastic fit and finish. Felt great in the hands and was well-balanced. An overall excellent design. Only drawback is that the blade is ATS-34, but you can't win 'em all!

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