Sticky MOD Folder

Oct 26, 2000
Hi All,

Wondering if anyone else has had the experience of a MOD folder getting sticky upon opening. My Duane Dieter is getting progressively more difficult to open. It's getting to the point where it requires two hands and a concentrated effort to get it to release.

I had it apart last night and couldn't find anything binding it but I did figure out how the blade stays shut. There is a small grind on one edge of the blade that engages the inside edge of the handle when fully closed. I would file this just a hair but I'm afraid of screwing it up and ending up with a knife that will not stay closed at all.

What should I do? Any suggestions would be welcome.


Peter Atwood

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Peter........I had one with a similar problem....I took some Tuf-Glide and worked it into the locking mechanism(the button) and it seemd to help pretty good. When I first got it, it was REALLY tight and extremely difficult to open.
However, if you feel that it may be a flaw or Jim Ray @ MOD and I am sure he will be more than happy to assist you in rectifying the problem.

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Mike Payne