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Stiff KISS?

Dec 20, 1999
I'm really not sure what kind of quality to expect from CRKT. Their prices are pretty unbelievable.

What I'd like is a small affordable belt knife. It would mostly be used for opening boxes, but might be required to pull defensive duty should I not happen to have my WOO or CQC7 on me.
Soft Steel is what you'll find. There just has to be better belt knives for the money out there.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I have to agree with stjames(I usually do anyway)This knife wont hold up to cardboard very well.I bought a bunch of em and ended up giving them away.If I could get this design in Ats34 or coated carbon steel,I would be carrying one now.

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My review of the serrated Stiff KISS is gone in space.
Basically, save up for a bigger knife or if you don't care about chisel ground tantos try a Woo. The Mult Carry system sucked, I lost a screw while walking. The clip was nice though.
I got one a year ago just to see what they were like. The guy who sold it too me was a friend and said, "If you don't like it they make great tent pegs". He was right. Nice idea, but the steel is just too soft.

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