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Stiff Peck?

Oct 17, 1998
I read recently that CRKT would be offering a stiff PECK. Does anyone know anything about this?

I like the stiff KISS for the price. The PECK would probably be just as nice or better.

On another subject, just ordered a Military. Where do I get the T-Shirt? ;-}

In the new "Blade" magazine they had a picture of the Stiff Peck. No idea when its going to be released, but I'm looking forward to it.
Hey Blades...what magizine did you say you saw the STIFF PECKS in??? I dunno...but I don't think it was in BLADES magizine.

Only kidding. -AR
I saw the pictures of the Stiff Peck as well, I believe it was in "Blade". Looks like a winner, especially if it has all the carry options of the Stiff Kiss. While the Stiff Kiss intrigued me, I'm feeling a bit "done" lately with the chisel tanto-style blades, so I never bought one, but the Stiff Peck looks like a more usable utility knife, to me anyway. It was put on my Must Buy list as soon as I saw it.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier thant he sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

The STIFF PECK did look good.Most likely it will be the same price as the STIFF KISS.Hope it comes with the same sheath system!