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  1. Alberta Ed

    Alberta Ed

    Jun 29, 1999
    Finally succumbed and picked up an Old Timer Stockman today... $34 Canadian ($20-something US). It's the larger model, I forget the exact designation. A few whisks across the DMT hones and all three blades were scary sharp. Walks and talks, no blade play, and I like the Delrin handles. Thanks for a great knife and equally great value. This will be every day carry for the forseeable future.
  2. wa


    Sep 22, 2000
    The model no., 80T, is on the large blade. I agree, great knife.
    Solid, no spaces along the back. I like the look and feel of the handles also.

  3. bansidthe


    Jan 27, 1999
    Excellent value for the money and I still am old fashioned enough to prefer carbon steel blades.
  4. matt


    Oct 24, 1998
    I have been thinking about picking one of the large carbon steel stockman patterns.My local walmart has a decent selection.It is good to see I am not the only one who like carbon steel and traditional pattern pocketknives.
  5. mnblade


    Feb 7, 2000
    My only complaint with the Old Timer line is the lack of a mid-sized 3.5" knife with rounded bolsters. I dislike square bolsters because they tear up my jeans after awhile; the rounded ones are just more comfortable. I'd love to see a Old Timer in the same pattern as the Uncle Henry 897UH, which itself is a great knife, just not carbon steel unfortunately.
  6. lt632ret


    Jan 21, 2001
    This posting is in reference to the one put on by mnblade. Perhapes the pictures with this attachment will show you that you are not the first one who ever wanted the type of knife you described. On the left is the presently made ( 897UH ). Staglon handles Schrade+ ( stainless steel). On the right side is a long ago discontinued model called the 895 with real peachseed jigged bone and yes carbon steel blades. This one is in new condition even though it is under the Schrade Walden tang. (46-73). While it is sad that these especially in this condition are pretty rare, it is nice to know that they are around. For better or worse Time and tide have replaced carbon steel and jigged bone with stainless steel and staglon. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Rich [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. mnblade


    Feb 7, 2000
    Gorgeous pics. Thanks! :) In addition to the rounded bolsters, I really like that long Turkish clip blade. Great pocketknives for serious users.

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