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Attention Stolen Knife - Green and Black Handled Serrated Recurve

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
This prototype Flicker in AEB-L and Suretouch with a black Boltaron sheath (WIP pics below), and a pair of sunglasses (black rectangular Maui Jims), were stolen yesterday from a friend of mine while he was at Pensacola Beach in Florida. If you happen to run across this knife it would be much appreciated if you please alert law enforcement about who you see in possession of it, and notify P Psycho , the lawful owner of the knife, in the hopes that we may be able to get it back into his hands.

Thank you Bladeforums!

P Psycho texted me this pic of it from that day:

That sux - beautiful knife too… :(
Hate to see this…near my Hometown stretch of beaches too 😡 hope he gets them back!
1. It's unlikely to be treated as a priority by local law enforcement. (That's just reality.)

2. Please don't risk getting yourself injured in an attempt to get the knife back yourself in the highly remote circumstance that you do happen to spot a knife which appears to be the one depicted.

Be smart, stay safe.

End of public service announcement.