Stolen Knives

Nov 23, 1998

I bought a Brend #2 about two weeks ago. During a trip to Montreal it was stolen. I was at the Holiday Inn at Longuiuel (Quebec) having breakfast when my pack containing the knife was stolen. I was too busy watching for my late colleague I guess. Along with the Brend I lost my GPS and MPF. During the same morning a couple of leather jackets were stolen from the same area.

The #2 should stand since the bead blasting does not seem to be original. The sharpening job after bead blasting is rather rough. There are a few grind marks near the choil. The knife bevel angle on one side is different from the other. The knife came with two sheaths (also stolen) a leather one and cordura one. Brend’s etching has been partially obscured and faded out by the bead blasting.

Drop me an email if anyone sees has any idea where this knife might be.

The police were called and took a report and the tape from the hotel cameras with them. I made a report as well as the other guest at the hotel. I have not seen the tape. I could probably identify the guy that took the stuff. There was a guy that walked around the hotel and did not attend the meetings going on and
just watched everyone. Also, a colleague noticed him leaving with a pack. Only he did not know it was mine. It stood out because the guy almost ran out of the hotel and the pack did not belong with his clothing. At least the police should have a good description.

That is terrible Will. Sorry for your loss. Its never good when you go travelling and items get stolen like that. I hope that the police are able to recover your goods.

"Come What May..."

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Why not post on TGBU? Everybody who trades in knives reads that forum (even though the moderator is a dork).

-Cougar :{)
Tough luck Will, hope you get them back, but I doubt it.

That is a terrible thing to have happen. If you have the time and are in the area or have friends there I would contact local 'Pawn Shops' if they have them there. Most likely the guy turned that knife over for $10 to get it out of his hands and liquid as quick as possible. Terrible fate for that blade but hopefully you'll get it back.

Best of luck,