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Stone Pond

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
One of the more irritating problems with hand sharpening on a flat hone can be restraining it during sharpening. Some hones have nonslip "feet" to get around this, but this is not a perfect solution. While browsing through a Lee Valley catalog, I spotted something that would solve this problem for good and do a lot of other things besides. It is the "Stone Pond".

Basically it is a plastic container that can be used to hold stones and secure them during sharpening. A few shots :




For waterstones it is perfect as you can store them in the base so they are always wet, but even for Diamond hones it is very useful as it both secures them and makes flushing with water easy as it just flows into the base. Once filled with water it is easily heavy enough that the rubber strips on the bottom keep it stable even when hard strokes are used on the hones.

The top cover is a glass plate that is made to be used for lapping, and it comes with a sheet of PSA-backed laminate which saves wear on the glass. You can buy extra sheets for change. Also included is a small pill bottle sized amount of coarse SiC grit to use as a lapping compound.

It cost $45 Canadian, about $30 US, and if you use waterstones is a very nice piece, if you are using Diamond hones then some of the features are lost (lapping) but I still find it useful for ease of flushing and security during sharpening. It holds up to 12" hones.


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