Stonewash VS. Bead blast

Sep 12, 2000
Anyone has the colsed-up pic of these finishes?

Kindly posted it here would be appreciated.
Sorry no close-ups, but take my word you would rather have the stone washed than the bead blasted...


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Definetly go stone-wash. I have had both. I always had polished or bead blast until my LCC. I have used it quite alot and not the first scratch or scuff. It's great! Dave

BTW- really nice looking too!

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Stonewash is a heck of a lot better! Get the stonewash. Stonewash is an interesting looking surface that almost reminded me damascus. It doesn't show wear and scratches easily, because the wear marks just blend in with the blade finish.

Bead blast is a rough, cheap finish, that has a fine sandpaper like texture. I do not like bead blast, especially since it holds moisture inside it's little craters and collects rust.


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Chang, you have to start buying a better brand of sukiyaki. I have all three finishes, but I carry the bead-blast. Truth be told, I was a bit disappointed with the stone-wash. I thought that there would be more contrast, like on a calico cat. What I got looks like a galvanized trash can lid. Now, I admit that the workmanship on all three LCC's is outstanding. You mentioned the possibility of moisture on the bead-blast, and you're right, did someone else tell you? ;-) Considering the moist summers here in Wisconsin, I think the pocket of most blue jeans will be one of the most hostile environments, anyway. When I sharpen or strop, I always blow out the insides with compressed air. The pivot gets a dollop of molybdenum disulfide. Well, Chang, I know how you idolize me, and I hope I have given you some food for thought.--OKG
Some folks, like you, just HAVE to go against the grain. It's it your blood. It's who you are.

As for the Stone Wash = galvanized trash can thing, the UDTs I've seen in stone wash look that way to me too. My LCC SW is another story though. The grey bolsters and carbon fiber seem to contrast the blade quite nicely.

Gee thanks Brent.

For other people reading this, those are my UDTs he's talking about.
He's just jealous.
I'll second that request for photos of the finishes. Actually, pics of this mysterious stonewash finish would suffice- I don't think I've ever seen it. Also, how do they achieve this finish?
Only of the ones larger than 'key chain size'

They tumble the blade with a ceramic medium. The bits of ceramic carve little 'scratches' into the blade giving it a look similar to a galvanized steel bucket. The advantage is that this finish doesn't show wear as easy as others. The process also seals the pores of the steel making it less susceptible to rusting.

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You hit it right on the nose,looks just like a galvanized trash can lid.In a single word **UGLY** It does stand up better to scratches though,I don't know why,I suppose because it's so ugly it just scares them scratches away
: Well my first experience with it was on a Plain Sebenza,had it a short time and in it went for a polishing job,I'll take beadblast or satin polish over stone washed anyday when it comes to the looks department.However it has a purpose,mainly for the heavy user of a knife.It allows someone to really use a knife and not do anything real noticeble to the finish(not that there is anything one can do to make it any uglier anyhow

Well seriously,its one of those things,ya either love or hate it.It's for some and not for others.Mostly those stone washed lovin bastids! My two cents,Love,Ralph
To Tombstone: Classified00 and I are friends, and while we learn from each other, we have differing taste in certain knives. When I select a knife for daily carry, I make peace with myself that this knife may get dinged, even though I'm careful. I also know that sharpening a blade, even an expensive one, will most certainly effect the price of that knife in the future. In this instance, I wanted all three of the LCC's finishes; the bead-blast one came first, and it had a few manufacturing marks on the bevel. It also made an immedite trip down the Edge-Pro. After it rode in my jeans for about a week, the stone-wash LCC finally showed up; it's now oiled and pristine with it's factory edge intact. If they had been delivered in reverse order, I'd be carrying the stone-wash, and the bead-blast would be in the box. (The black one has 'extra pieces,' and just sits around being admired.) I also know that the stone-wash model is Classified00's favorite model, so I like to razz him a little.--OKG