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storage in sheaths?

Mar 19, 1999

I know it is not good to store a knife in a leather sheath, but is it ok to store a knife in Kydex, I assume it is fine to store a knife in nylon sheaths, but please let me know if I am wrong?
Kyle, My understanding of the storage question is that there are chemicals used in the process of tanning leather which causes knives to discolor if stored in the sheath. Knowing this, I did it anyway, and stored several non-stainless knives in sheaths and sure enough, they are discolored. I have had some stainless knives in leather sheaths for years too, bu no discoloration. I think storing knives in Kydex is fine...no chemicals.
If the steel is stainless its no problem leaving them sheathed.My Buck Frontiersman has been in the sheath for close to 15 years with no discoloration at all. I don't leave my non stainless knives in the sheath though.
Kydex shouldn't be a problem for stainless blades, provided you take them out every once in a while and check to make sure there is no moisture retention. I wouldn't store any non-stainless blades this way however. A good practice to get inot is to use some of those moisture absorbing packets in the area you are storing your knives.
My recommendation would be that if the sheath is a "pocket" type that has been formed to the knife, do not store it in the sheath. The sheath will tend to stretch and the knife may be inadvertantly lost in the field. This is the typical recommendation for hunting knives.

A tip for those who have sheaths that have a relaxed fit, take some Deer skin and use Barge cement, follow the instructions, and glue a small piece against the side where the handle hits against the sheath, not the edge side, the Deer skin is cushiony and will spring back after use, the knife should fit in and wedge against the deer skin. I've started to use this in some of the pouch sheaths I make and it really holds the knife in place when there is no guard or feature/swell on the knife handle that would otherwise help keep the knife inside the sheath.

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