Storage practices

Should we store our automatic knives and liner locks in the open position? I have heard this and would like to know what some of you more knowledgeable forumites have to say. Thanx.

Double Edge Dave

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Mar 27, 1999
As a matter of habit,I always store autos in the open position to keep from sacking rhe spring.Having seen premature spring weakening in loaded pistol magazines that are stored,I think the same thing could occur with auto springs kept under tension.I haven`t thought about liner locks but maybe it is true for them too.
I was thinking the same thing about liner lock knives. For about 18 years I carried a Case Sodbuster around the yard and garden. It has a brass liner lock. Except when using it I always kept it closed. Recently I retired it in favor of a BM Panther. While examing the old Sodbuster a day or two ago I realized how little pressure would be required to force the blade closed. I guess this knife would fail the "whack" test as I think I've heard it called. To be sure, this Case liner lock is not the equal of current linerlocks available from quality knifemakers, but when I bought this knife back in '80 or '81, I remember feeling that the lock was positive. Hmmm...maybe I'll store the panther in the open position.