Straight razor pattern?

Josh Rider

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Sep 2, 2014
Does anyone have a straight razor pattern or template to go off of? I’d like to make one.
The simplest thing might be to buy a cheap razor from ebay or a pawn/curio/junk shop. Ask a few old timers you know and you might get one for free.
Take it apart and you will have handle templates and a blade you can measure as well as see the way the grind is done.
what width do you want? what style blade round tip. square tip, smiling. mine go from 4/8 to 10/8. you do know the bevel is set off the spine instead of angles like a knife. the spine has to be the right thickness and no warps in order to hone it properly. smokey mtn. knifeworks did have some unfinished blanks. I can get you a pattern from one of mine but it would be paper or cardboard. I wouldn't tear the scales off mine. I do have an old blade either 5/8 or 6/8 that has a cracked blade and no can have the blade if you want it but it has a hairline crack from the edge halfway to the spine. you can hardly see it but I assure you that you can feel it.
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Round tip, smiling is where I’d like to start.
I appreciate 5the help. If you need my address I can email you or if you want to email me it’s
I don’t have any patterns, but I do have a couple vintage razors, and some graph paper...



The paper is 5x5mm

Top one is a Flic, the bottom is a Wolf