Straight Razor?

Dec 16, 2006
Do any of you guys use a straight razor for shaving?

What are the benefits/drawbacks of this way to shave?
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I used to shave with a straight razor, but now use a safety razor. With both, you have to use the wet shaving technique.

I see noticably better results post hot shower, then shaving. I apply the old fashioned glycerin soap with a boar brush.

The old shavers don't take hair off like modern shavers. Instead, they remove it little by little. So you may have to make up to 4 passes in each area you shave, till complete with the face.

To minimize cutting self. I shave downwards first. Then diagonally in one direction, then diagonally in another direction, then finally upwards against the grain. I may have to do this several times in one area, then repeat and move to a different area.

Never put pressure on the blade. Use your hands to just hold the blade and move it along. Pressure will give you MANY nicks and cuts.

Always keeping the face moistened with the soapy solution/suds. Then at the end, I finish off with a cold water rinse to close the opened pores. Then I wipe and alum bar over the face which is a mild antisceptic and closes the pores even further.

These guys have much info...

Google this, Classic Shaving
I have an antique German straight razor, I occasionally use it to shave, but there are a bunck of drawbacks. I dont care how good you are, there is always a big chance of slicing yourself and it takes a lot longer than a normal Gillette Sensor does. However, one will usually last you 50 years, more or less, if you take care of it properly.
I get a closer shave with a straight razor than any other razor I've tried. When I was in the army I only shaved every other day with the straight, when I used a cartridge (cause the straight was getting dull and I hadn't sharpened it) I had to shave every day.

I save $40 or $50 a year in not buying cartridges.

I takes me no more time than another style of razor.

There is greater chance of cutting yourself.

There is a learning curve (a couple of weeks to a few months) to learn proper technique.

Initial start-up cost are more than cartridge razors.