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Strange Chris Reeve Question

In reading Nemo's reviews, his comments about fabricating a tube/bar with threads at the tip that would screw into the handle of the CRK one pieces really piqued my interest. Is anyone aware of any makers, machine shops, or any source whatsoever where I could get such a thing built? I think a 1" diameter aluminum bar from 4-6' in length would make a nice spear, though I'm sure it would be quite expensive.

Any thoughts or info would be appreciated.
Thanks, Cappy
I don't think you would be happy with a soft aluminum rod threaded to your specs.The threads would not hold up.Do you know what thread is used?If it is a standard pipe thread you could use a length of aluminum or possibly imc conduit.Or you could have some machinist make you an adapter that you put on the end of a wooden shaft or stick and screw into the handle.
But are you really sure you want to put a 2-300$ knife on the end of a stick and throw it?You could just sharpen the end of said stick and use it for a spear.Or buy a CS Bushman and use it as it comes on the end of a stick and only be out a few bucks and have your good blade still with you.
have to agree with M on this one. Why on earth would you consciously prepare to put a 2-300 dollar blade on the end of a stick? I'd use this as a survival/desperation move only, and buy an el-cheapo "survival" knife w/hollow handle to goof around with. Just an opinion-if you do go ahead with the Reeve Spearhead Project, by all means let us know how it went!!!

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But are you really sure you want to put a 2-300$ knife on the end of a stick and throw it?

Hahahha good point.

I've thought about this even though I don't have a one piece Reeve knife. If you were going to the exspense of having something like this machined how about a piece of the rod or pipe turned down to fit inside of the hollow area. Does that make sense? You would still have threads on it to enguage the threads of the knife but the turned down portion would stick into the hollow area real snugg-like to take most of any lateral load instead of just the threads.
There is a machine shop in FL that makes two different lenghts of SS and Ti cane/staff that fit the Randall hollow handle knife. They were at the BladeShow. Mr. Byrd advised me he had made adaptors for Parish/Reeve and a couple of other knives I cann't remember. I will try to look up his card and post it. I have ment to call him about an addapter myself. Just haven't gotten around to it.



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BTW If I used it at all it would be for a stabbing spear. Not Throwing. Cut, carve and fire harden wood javelins for that. They are faster and easier to throw. Also if you want to experiment there are G-10 and carbon fiber rods available.

Guns are for show. Knifes are for Pros.

Thank you very much-that is the sort of cunstructive info I was hoping for. I definitely intend to use it only as a stabbing spear, I would buy a Cold Steel or some other thing for throwing.

Cost really isn't an object, I may end up going with something like Ti or Carbon Fiber. Thanks again, cappy.
My strange CR question would be, "Is that guy really Superman?"

Seriously though, I can see the merits of an adapter so you don't have to shove a stick into the handle and use the spear to fish, or keep something at bay, or cut down a beehive.

At least with an adapter the transformation from knife to spear and back is fast and positive.

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Hi Cappy!
Have you heard of the walking stick Pat Crawford produces?
There you can find ths built in feature of a spear.
I like Pat's work and carry a carnivore every day. The staff is a good quality item. The knife that comes in it is more of a spike with an edge. I think it would be great for a fishing spear or land trap. But is lacking in the full use qualities of a knife. I have several "L" shaped SS wire springs in my Byrd staff for a Hawaiian fish spear and to use for other traps and awls.



Guns are for show. Knifes are for Pros.
I am expecting to pick up my new BG42 KFF from Pat at the New York Show in November. I am aware of his walking stick and I can't wait to see one at the show and I'll probably take that home with the KFF.
Just thought I would post for those of you that might be interested how I have outfitted one 5" holow staff.
Vitamins,medicine,aluminum foil,two trash bags,Bundle of springsteel rods,fire starter,Popflair,extra surefire batterise & bulb,16 penny nails,fishing sein(sp),rolled up note paper and pencil,fish hooks.

Outside:Wrapped around Staff
550 cord,snare wire,fishing line,boobytrap wire,Duct tape,5mm bungee cord.

This is addtional stuff to my belt kit and what I carry in my pockets.

I usually dismantle all my kits and check everything out for age deterioration and good to dates once a year.



Guns are for show. Knifes are for Pros.