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Street Barong


Mar 17, 2008
Just wanted to share some pics and brief thoughts on the Barong.

I knew Jim did great swords, but the rest of his work was totally off my radar until I saw CM Rick's Blade Show video. It made me look at what else Jim was up to and the Barongs really caught my eye although I knew nothing about the design.

A few emails later I had this beauty in my hands.

I had been reviewing a few knives here and included it in some of the testing for the "in case of deployment" knife. In this thread...the barong makes it's first appearance in post #13...


Have to say I have been very impressed with it and enjoying the heck out of it! :thumbup:

In my mellow martial arts practice it is just a beast...super quick and snappy in hand. It moves so fast in hand despite the size difference between these other knives.

Besides the martial aspect, I have found it super handy in the kitchen...that endless belly is very efficient for cutting. It was amazing on the pork shoulder- just glided through the thick skin and fat...mmmm...so yummy! :hypnotysed:

I got out on a hike and just wanted to get a feel with some wood and was equally impressed. I had great control with fine work and power cutting.

Was a little curious how it would chop, because prepping the stakes it felt like a cleaver! This is 20 chops at the limb from the 1st pic...it is old, dead and hard wood. The pic doesn't show how deep it went, but by rolling the limb I could easily have gotten through the limb. The grip did start to float on me a bit...maybe the shape or because the handle is slim? Not sure, but I don't think that is the nitch for this knife anyway.

And showing the mean...stoopid good penetration on a downward stab...

I can tell you all this is a great blade and grab one if you can- I'm totally pleased with mine and will keep on enjoying it! :thumbup::thumbup:
Nice review and pics, as always. Did you mention (and I am blind) what the blade and handle lengths are on your street barong? I think I need one of them :)
No I didn't, but that is an easy pic! I'll get one tomorrow.

The more interesting one will be the handle. He put thin scales on this- helps the knife feel real compact...and it feels great in hand. This surprised me, because I like thick, hand filling handles in general.
Here we go...

And now for the handle- look how slim that is! Next to it is my Koyote Little Big Knife (LBK) which is my favorite woods blade. That has an ideal handle for me, so when I got the barong, I was worried I might not like the slim scales- but it feels great in hand. :thumbup: It really helps it make a great carry knife...carries a lot smaller than it is.

I'm really enjoying it. :thumbup:

Would love to hear about the design and info on barongs in general..

Jim, you ever do a 4" version?
The other day I got to looking at box I have in the basement and thought of a new test for these 4 blades. A 45 degree outside-in cut from each side on the box top which had double thickness

The Barong just smoked the other knives. The Operator did better than expected and the Belt knife did well at time too...but the Barong just flew through this medium each and every time! Very impressive! :thumbup: