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Street Scrapper 4: couple of pics

very nice...very nice indeed! thanks 4 sharing!:thumbup:
Mine shipped not too long ago... now I just have to wait for it to percolate its way through customs. :D
the Spine to ResC seam is pretty rough in those shots...
one of mine came like that, and one came clean (of the 2 i have)...
go figure?
Mine is still on it's way , That res c does look a bit rough but it should be easy to clean up. I apreciate the pics it helps make the wait a little more bearable.
Depends how much scotch was left over when the shift started:D :p , some days are better than others. When mine gets in, I'll give her a check over and let you know.
At first I was bummed I didn't buy more because of the demand. Now it's because I like the knife and the price is low enough to gift to friends.
I assume that all are loving those SS4s. I have a line on one. Just wanted some thoughts from those who have them. How do they stack up against Hogs and Rats? Thanks.

mike biz