Street Scrapper 4

Jun 23, 2006
1 (ONE) Scrapyard INFI Street Scrapper 4 new as received from SKW. SOLD to Nevada Bob

Price is $SOLD, shipped and insured anywhere in lower 48 states. I'd prefer not to ship out of CONUS, sorry. Will accept PayPal (please add 3%) or money order.

As usual, first "I'll take it" posted here gets dibs. Thanks for looking! :D
an hour and sixteen minutes? you guys have gotta get faster than that. :D
Another first poster chomping at the bit for INFI.

I think Jerry's knives are forcing people to register at BF.
I'll take it if still available. I can't afford Jaxx's too cheap GW's with school, but I can manage this! :thumbup:
Payment received! On it's way to you first thing tomorrow!

Welcome to the wonderful world of INFI!! :thumbup::D

To the rest of you sorry...gotta be quick!:D
Well, I paid 168 clams with shipping and tax....

Let's just say I took a little hit to give the new piglets a chance.:thumbup::D