strength of crown stag handles

Jun 4, 2001
Looking at a sambar crown stag handle dirk. The tang is inserted into the crown stag about 4 inches. Overall length of the handle is 7.5 inches. Question is how are most knives are constructed that use stag crowns. I realize that full tangs are not a option but how should they be made ? Looking at user crown stag handle knives not display.
Most (round, crown or otherwise) stag handles are epoxied to the tangs. I use plastic weld epoxy, and sometimes 2 ton waterproof epoxy when attaching round stag to knife tangs.
very durable, but not made for throwing!!!

you can also slot the stag to put a full tang in, but it will not be able to go completely through the length of tha handle if you want to keep a nice crown.
I slot my crown stag from the bottom and usually get a 3/4 to 1" wide tang set into the crown stag so it doesn't show on the top side. This gives the strongest construction method that I can think of while still preserving the look of the crown stag.