Strider Knives?

Jan 29, 2000
I was wondering if anyone had any first hand expierience with Strider Knives. I saw an article on them in American Handgunner and they thought they were excellent knives but sometimes I don't trust magazines. Also I was wondering how their ATS-34 compares to Busse's INFI or Modified INFI. Thanks for any help.
Custom makers usually don't have nice things to say about factory knives. but I have heard only good things about Strider. One of their knives was selected by SEAL Team 3; not a bad reference.

As for ATS-34, I like it, but now we're both going to get nailed by the folks on here who like to criticize it. Strider has all their knives heat treated by Paul Bos, so their ATS-34 is as good as it gets, which is good.

Jerry Hossom

While I don't OWN a Paul Bros. heat treated ATS-34 knife, I do own a Black Cloud ATS-34 knife though and find it to be a very good performer, much better then anything I have seen in factory ATS-34.

From looking at the grinds on their knives, they sure look like they would be strong but, I doubt they offer the cutting performance I have come to expect from knives in this price range.

The Busse custom line offers an excellant hard use or survival knife. On sheer toughness, the Busse can hold its own with Strider and probably surpass it. As for INFI, it seems to be a new standard for premium large knife steel.

The Busse production line offers most of the performance of the custom line without the wait and at a production price!

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I responded to your question in another thread about Strider knives but I'll post here also.

I own a Strider Model WB and have a custom Model BT on its way. While I haven't seen the Busse performance first-hand, I have read posts here and elsewhere (ie. Cliff Stamp's review of the BM) that rave about the Battle Mistress and the rest of the INFI line.

I have, however, been thoroughly impressed with the abilities of the Strider knife. The ATS-34 is TOUGH. I have so much confidence in this knife that I've offered to send it to Cliff Stamp for testing.

I would be interested in seeing someone out there do a head-to-head comparison of the Busse BM and the Strider knife.

Both knives feature 1/4" thick stock and both are famous for their edge-holding ability and cutting prowess. The Busse Basic 7 would be more comparable to the WB because of blade size but I think the WB would hold its own against the Battle Mistress.

Pricing on both knives is close:
The WB is $325 and the BM is $347.


If you don't NEED a 9+ inch blade, but are willing to shell out the dough, look very seriously at the Strider knives. I seriously doubt that you'd ever find yourself in a situation that called for more than the Strider could provide.

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Oso Grande Knife & Tool Co. is one of the few Strider Knife Dealers and we are impressed with their strength, craftsmanship and razor edges. If you have questions or wish to order call us at 760-747-8200 or email at:

As Sid noted, you need to look carefully at where you are getting the performance. A high sabre grind and a thick edge for example will make a strong blade with a durable edge by using shear mass to make up for material properties that are not there, but its cutting ability will suffer because of it.

I have taken Brian up on his offer after confirming with Strider that the warrenty is on the blade :

It should be interesting to see how it compares to the Busse blades.


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I own more Striders than anyone on the planet, and a few of the knives in the AH article are mine. I have been using Striders as my primary tactical tools since 1993. I have extensive experience with a lot of blades, but when it comes to pure, brute force, never let you down, TOOL, the the Strider is it. They are not pretty, but they do work. I have pried and broken more things with them, and they just take it. My partner even stuck a WB through a master lock, kept twisting, and broke the lock. Keep in mind these things were the special operations community secret until just recently. They have performed flawlessly in the hands of the best warriors we have to offer, and the guys at Strider are the real deal as well, so they know what a field knife is expected to do. Get one now before the list gets too long, I guarantee it will outlast you and your kin.

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