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Strider MT


Jan 6, 1999
I just picked up a Strider Model MT from OSO GRANDE. Initial impression is that it's one tought knife that is suited for extreme use. The blade is a drop point w/ about 1.5 inches of the top edge sharpened. Handle is strider's unique cord wrap w/ Black 550 paracord. The knife is 11.5" overall with a 6.25" blade. This will make a great addition to my model SA and my (soon to arrive) Buck Strider folder. These are very addicting knives, and once you get one, you'll want another.
Here is a pic of the knfe http://www.striderknives.com/modelmt.htm
Any scans or pictures of your MT, and could you post a update/review on it??
My updated review on the knife is that it's sold. Was offered a deal that I couldn't pass up, and it's now in someone else's hands. If I come across one, I would definately get another, if I have the cash. Now my wait is on a custom strider folder.