Strider Opinions

May 20, 2001
I have a question. I am considering to get a full size tanto point buck/strider, and i am wondering what people think of it. I read a review by cliff stamp saying that it had some problems. I have since heard that cliff stamp's reviews are not to be trusted. Would someone help me please. Is it a good knife?
I have the upmost respect for Joe Houser and Buck knives, but I must say that the Buck Strider collaboration is a poor choice. I have owned five of these things, and all of them had liner lock problems. In all fairness, the liner lock is a tricky sort, and I for one will never buy another knife with a liner lock. However, Buck customer service is the best in the industry.
If the design appeals to you, buy a custom Strider folder. If you want a Buck, buy a 110.
My Buck 110, Spyderco Delica, and Cold Steel Voyager have never failed me, even when abused. A folder, no matter what the blade thickness, will always fall short of a fixed blade. You will have to decide on whether you want a cutting instrument or a tent stake :D .
CH - Could you give a little detail about liner lock problems? I've got a tanto tip Buck Strider and two mini Striders and have had no problems so far. Lock-up is solid and satisfying. My only complaints are the edges of the handles on the full size (interestingly, the smaller ones aren't a problem) and the fact that the front of the tanto blade isn't sharpened.

I think that Buck may have jumped the gun and put out a bunch with little or no QC. The one's I purchased may have been some of the first one's put out, or maybe they were made on Friday afternoon ;) . Anyways, if I were going to purchase one, I'd want to examine it first.
At any rate, every liner lock knife I have ever owned has given me grief. Best of luck :) .
Firstly, as most of you familiar with my opinions already know, I am certainly no fan of liner locks. Moreover, I believe that the best type of action is a full tang, fixed blade! :D

With that said, I absolutly adore my BR-42 Buck/Strider Spearpoint; can'y say enough good about it. The price, the ergonomics, the comfort of Buck's CS and reputation behind it, etc, etc. When situations (sheeple, PC and such nonesence) dictate a folder and tough chores are anticipated, this is THE knife I'm grabbing.

It is not as silky smooth and precise as the Sebebza, nor does it have the axis lock and great blade shape of the BM710. It has not the lore of the 110 nor the Wave of the Commander, but it's one heck of a rugged hunk of tool for when that's what's needed.

My small Seb cuts apples like no other, but the darned apple tree starts sweating when the 880 is around. :eek: