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stud lock improvement?

Feb 26, 2007
hey guys. im not going to diss the stud lock. its a great lock. thinking on how im going into mechanical engineering, i thought i would give my take on what would make the stud lock more of a stud (yes that was to be a BAD pun).

first would be having the housing for the lock somehow permenatly attached to the blade (or at least far more securly than what it is now).

second, and most important would be to change the angle at which the shelf is positioned. maybe have it at a 180* angle with a 40* angle upslope that the hexagonal thumbstud would be up against. this would give it more surface area in which to "hold" on to, and distribute shock to. the lock would be "slamming" straight down into the shelf insted of at an angle during the spine whack test. it looks to be that way on the likes of the spec bump, but it also appears to be at a downward angle.

thoughts on this? maybe thomas could give us all a lil more tech info one the design of the lock. like what angle or something that the shelf is at.