Recommendation? Suggest Push Dagger

Feb 10, 2013
My area allows push daggers, but the blade must be 3" or under.

I want a sheath that will definitely hold it (may wear it; neck knife). No serrations, please.

Preferably under $30.
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Reviewers are unhappy with the sheath:

"Knife is excellent. Sheath is OK but takes some effort to get the knife to lock in, and even then I wouldn't consider it secure enough for inverted carry around your neck. "

Thanks though.
All kinds of cheap push daggers out there for less than $30. Just let your fingers do the walking.

I've got a couple that I bought (one's a Cold Steel Urban Pal) but never carry them. I prefer to carry a folder and/or a Marcaida Pika kraambit instead. But, if you'd like a suggestion, check out the MT2046BK double dagger set made by M-Tech that you can buy for less than $20.