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Suggestion and a Question.

Jan 20, 1999
With so many forumites posting pictures of their knives, it would be helpful to those of us with slow connections and prehistoric computers to have the option of passing these by, when we don't have time to download a quarter of a megabyte of pic. Friend Bill is usually good about using the word 'pic' or 'pix' in the titles of his illustrated posts. May I respectfully suggest that we make that SOP here?
My question...in the midst of voting stinks, forum crashes and the crush of other personal business, it still occurs to me to wonder how little sister is recovering from her hit-run? Give us an update, Bill!

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You always have the option of not loading pictures, in your browser setup. If you're using Netscape, click edit, preferences, advanced, and uncheck the box for "automatically load images." If you're using Explorer ... oops, the borrowed computer I'm using right now has an obsolete version of Explorer on it ... well, click on tools, then options, and I don't think you'll have much trouble from there. If all else fails, hit F1 for help ... if you're careful never to do that when anybody else is around they'll never suspect you weren't born knowing everything....

Any time there's an image you want to see just click on it. There's a button to see all the images on the page too.

Anybody who's using a slow computer ought to look into Opera and Net-Tamer, too -- browsers that run faster on slow computers than Netscape and Explorer. You can run Opera on a 386 with 4 meg though you need 6 or 8 meg for it to run really well. You can run Net-Tamer on an XT with 1meg.

-Cougar :{)
Uncle Bill's pix always seem to load pretty quick and like you said, he always puts the pix note on his topic.
Not being on a real computer I don't have the options Cougar
Only occasionaly will I run into one that loads slowly. That usually only happens when some others have put pix in the same thread.

My personal preference is a warning about them where possible as I almost always look at the pix.


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I am aware of the workarounds you have mentioned. I like to leave my Netscape prefs alone as much as possible. I also like to read as many of the posts on HI each day as I can...and have time for. If I click on a topic, and a pic is there, unknown to me, I'm stuck with downloading it. It wouldn't be so hard, it seems to me, for anyone posting a pic simply to say so in the topic line?
Bill: I don't think we need to change the way we post pics, just the way we title topics.
Glad to hear that Chokpa is OK. Best wishes to you and all the HI crew for your Thanksgiving holiday!

The sword cannot cut itself, the eye cannot see itself.