Suggestions for a gentleman's knife

Jul 29, 1999
I go allot of places where I need a small locking knife that looks nice. I'm trying for something with lots of titanium, carbon fiber and anodizing. Price isn't a problem.

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Well, some of you just *knew* which knives I was gonna suggest!
They have everything you want. Carbon fiber scales, blue anodized titanium liner and pocket clip, and outstanding quality in a size that won't scare anyone.


Check out the William Henry website at .

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I've got the T12CF, looks similar to Kelly's T10 but a larger design with a spearpoint blade. William Henrys are as close to custom as production knives are ever going to get. WH president Matt Conable puts in about 20% of work on any given WH knife. With these carbon fibers, he contours the scales, puts final edge on blades, and has the ultimate say-so in the QC area. I've really enjoyed mine so far. It's a lightweight piece and very good looking. Nice knife for the suit and tie crowd. The T12CF retails for around $200. Pricey but worth every penny IMHO. Hope this info helps.

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Take any old knife you want and send it off to Frank Recupero,, and have him transform it into a one-of-a-kind dress knife.

You may wish to review the on-going thread "Frank Strikes Again."


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I have the Benchmade Mel Pardue 330. Thin and lightweight, this folder is ideal to be placed in you pocket along with your change and other pocket stuffers.

My dad always had a small case pen knife in his pocket for a gentleman knife.
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Well, Jake, you did describe the William Henry Carbon Fiber line pretty well in your request. Great work all the way down to the edge on the blade (sharp and able to stay that way). The T12 Spearpoint is not too large for a gentlemans carry, but the T10 Lancet is perfect. A nice pointy blade with a useful strait edge. Vanishes into your shirt or suit pocket. Very solid little knives, a real tool in disguise.

If you look around a little you can have your choice of tip-up (old style) or tip down (new style) on the T10, but you had better look soon, as the older ones will eventually end up in some lucky persons hands. Gary had his hands on an old one recently, so he might have a lead.

Good luck and have fun!

There are a lot of high end options...

But take a look at the Gigand Spectrum.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

What about a Mel Pardue/Benchmade 850. Anodized Ti, white micarta handles, 50/50 blade. Pretty nice. -Krumbs
Here's a look at the clip side of my T10 (old style):


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The Benchmade Mel Pardue 850 has my vote as a very nice gentlemans knife. Bought one for my dad.... everyone tells me I have to become a gentleman before I carry one


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The Benchmade 330 certainly looks like a little cutie. James Mattis at www.chaicutlery might still have a single 330 with a pearl handle scales for the listed 119.00. Listed at retail for 150.00

The Spyderco/Michael Walker collaboration on the C22 lightweight might also just be what your looking for if price isn't an object.
Retail 434.95 I believe. It's a beauty though, and I'm sure James at Chaicutlery could offer a more than equitable price on it. Check it out as it has titanium,anodizing,carbon fiber, and an ats 34 blade.

Good Luck.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <-----<
Can't believe that no one has steered you to a decorated Sebenza! Titanium handles, Anodized design (customized if you want), BG-42 blade which is twice as good as ATS-34, most solid lock design in existance, best customer service in the universe. The only thing it doesn't have is carbon fiber but who cares. Get a decorated Fly Sebenza. You will never look back.
Most of the knives mentioned would be great gentleman's knives. However, most of these don't include carbon fiber - which was one of the criteria.

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And if I keep recommending the Sebenza for every knife use people will start to get the wrong idea...

Mine is now a txlaser customized L-UDT.Gregg Lane did a nice job. This would fit in with a white tie or dress blues.

Another good choice that does meet all of your requirements would be a Darrel Ralph Krait. Available with choice of steel in the blade including his beautiful designer damascus.
Outdoor Edge is pleased to announce a new gentleman's knife collaboration with Japanese custom knifemaker Koji Hara. This 3" blade knife will be all stainless steel construction utilizing Koji's unique Air-Step design. Release date will be in the Summer of 2000 with a MSRP around $80-100.

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