Suggestions for buying a kinfe?

Jan 6, 2007
I know I did post this somewhere else, but I now believe this is the correct forum. If I should have just kept it to the original one, I'm sorry, you can delete this. Anyhoo, I am thinking of buying a knife, possibly one of the following. Any suggestions, especialy related to the choice of steel, high carbon or stainless?




Nice knives. I like the Scandinavians myself.

Before we can reasonably suggest a knife though we would need to know where you would be using it, on land or on the water, and what you would use it for, like, camping, hunting, skinning, woodcarving, and so on.

The Scandis are pretty good general purpose knives. High carbon is a good choice if you can maintain (clean!) it, and stainless is best if you're going to be working around water, especially salt water.
I recieved the Martini knife with the Lynx head on it for my birthday last year......for under a $100.00 It's very well made, looks chrome plated and is very sharp and has a fine edge with no concernable grind line. It looks just like your top knife in the picture except it has a brass lynx head instead of an eagle which yours appears to be...I just don't like the sheaths they make because it looks like a Yugo sheath with a Rolls Royce
Nice choices, Alteran, I love those knives.

A lot of us who own carbon blades as users feel that a patina (tarnish or stain! OMG :eek:) actually give character to the blade and protect it against real corrosion. And carbon is easier to sharpen.

If keeping your blade bright and shiny is a concern, go with stainless. I think most of the Scandinavian blades use Sandvik stainless steel which is regarded as one of the best in the world. If you're going to be in and around salt water, go stainless.

My opinion, my .02.
I doubt I'll be around saltwater, but it'll be around freshwater frequently, though I can't say how wet it'll get. I think I may go for a stainless steel blade, because I had a folding knife that was stainless, and have had no problems with keeping it sharp.
I have Scandanavian knives from Helle and Karesuando. The Helle appears to be a bit nicer, but the Karesuando is OK too. I've handled the Marttinni knives that AG Russell stocks, and they appear to be very nice also.

I have some more on order (Frosts, Erikkson, and Ahti), but can't comment until I can see them in person.

Happy Shopping,
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm still deciding what knife to get, but I've decided on stainless steel.