Suggestions on Small Fixed Blade Needed

Mar 20, 1999
I was about to buy an Emerson Tactical Dagger for an everyday carry back-up knife. However when I called, I was informed that they are not going to manufacture that knife
I am considering getting a Emerson Utility Knife(buts thats in the future).

I need suggestions on knives that fit the following specs:

Paracord Wrapped steel or G-10 Handle.

ATS-34 or Tooling Steel Blade

Blade length limit of 3.25" - 3.5"

Single or double edged, im breaking the law either way, so who cares.

Carry System to allow the usuall: neck carry, inside pant carry, can be attached to a leg strap for hidden leg carry, bla bla bla and so on

I have looked at the Gerber Gurdian Backup, but the sheath does not provide much concealment possibilities due to it's size and material. Yes, I have looked at the CRKT K.I.S.S. , yuck

Any suggestions would be great, feel free to comment on the suggestions made with pro's and con's you may have experienced. Thanks

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A Rob Simonich Cetan (available as a droppoint, tanto or hawkbill). Do a search on this site and you'll have tons of info by customers and visit his site

A Spyderco Moran is a good choice as well
The Cetan is a good choice....Also you might try Alan Folt's Mantis design. The Mantis is a little larger than the Cetan, and the false edge can be sharpened(main edge is 3-1/4", false edge is 3-1/4" long...there is a pic around here somewhere, if you want one I can e-mail it to you). To top it off, the Heat treat on the Mantis will be done by Rob Simonich, and it is some good stuff. I like My Cetan, it is more utilitarian than the MAntis, and I would tend to carry the Cetan more because of its utility value...but the Mantis (Mine isn't finished yet...I got it as a kit...the Cetan comes in kits as well) will be my backup knife of choice when I am done.

There is also the BM Nimravous, the soon to come out EDI fixed blade, and a few the Boker specialist. Have fun with your shopping, and give us a review of hatever you get...


P.S. One of the coolest offerings that I have seen is the Talonite Cetan that Rob made for Walt Welch. There is a pic on his site, you should see looks sweeeeeeeeeeet....

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I agree on the Cetan, I love mine. There are a couple different blade shapes, steels, and handle materials, you can make it "personal". The BM Nimravus is handy too, but for a little more, you can get the Cetan.
I just ordered from Boyer Blades for a small fixed tactical. 1095 steel and mcs kydex. Reasonable prices. Can't voucher for quality yet. His link is provided in the BF links page for makers.

R.J. Martin's Handiman.

D2, G10, hollow ground, 3" blade.

Ron Knight

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If you want to go really CHEAP look at Frost's of Sweden. Their smaller laminated blades (R62 core) take an extremely good edge, and you can modify the wooden handle easily if you want even better concealment. I hang one around my neck inside my windbreaker when jogging. The ugly black plastic sheath isn't a work of art but it works. These aren't classy knives in looks but the steel is hard to beat.
I know a couple of guys that seem to like the Newt Livesay neck knives. They don't have G10 or paracord handles but that is easy to fix. From what I hear they are sharp and can be had sterile. And they are cheap enough to ditch without remorse.
I am getting dangerously close (only a few more weeks!) to getting my stretched Cetan. It will have a 4 3/4" blade flat ground out of D2. I can hardly wait! If Rob's quick and courteous replies to my requests are any indication of the quality of his work, I'm sure it will be my daily carry knife. I strongly recommend contacting him and ordering. You can find loads of info supporting the great work he does.

It sound like the neck knives from Newt Livesay are an excellent value, especially considering the $25-$30 price tag, although I don't know about ordering them sight unseen (heard some have noticeable warpage)...I can vouch for Rob Simonich's ATS-34 Cetan Tanto...a little pricy, but still a greaat knife...especially if you get a kit for less than half the regular price. I'm having a small knife custom made for pretty cheap (again, in kit form), from madPoet, so I'll let you know how that turns out...
Dark N:

If you want a commercial blade either the current Spyderco Moran or the two smaller Fallkniven blades (all in VG-10 by the way) should prove outstanding.

As for custom, I too endorse Rob Simonich with his Wambli (stretched Cetan) in Talonite (I have #1) or Trace Rinaldi with his Chimera (have his first made) also in Talonite. Trace's TKK or TTKK is quite similar except for the handle design.
Great functional blades all.


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I think you should take a look at the Al Polkowski bodyguard. I recieved mine about two years ago and it is the only fixed blade that I carry with any consistency. The blade shape is perfect for utility yet would work well for defensive use too. Price was right also at about $200 including three different sheaths, A neck, IWB, and small of back. Blade is about 3 3/4" and thick all the way to the tip. A good value I think.

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Newt Livesay's products are great. As are Rob Simonich's. I highly recommend them both. Big differences in price though unless you buy the Cetan kit and build your own.

What about one of Bob Doziers small fixed blades (eg. Agent)- D2 steel, good quality, good price.

Or maybe a Boyer at $80.00 - see

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These are great suggestions. I looked at the Simonich Cetan tanto and it looks great. If I find something really "sweet" I do not mind spending $400.00+

Will Simonich make a complete custom version of the Cetan. I would like to get the G-10 made rough and paracord holes drilled at both ends of the handles for wrapping. I am trying to reach him to ask, but does anyone think that he would do that ?

I'm also looking for pictures for the Newt Livesay knives. I searched yahoo and hotbot, but came up with no links, anyone have a link

The benchmade Nimravus is nice but a little too big for what I am looking for. The boker specialist is alrady on order to last me until I get something I really want.

I ordered the Rekat Hobbit utility knife and was very dissapointed in it, which is the reason for this search
The blade was dull and it did not fit into the sheath securely, so I ordered another one and had the same problem.

Boyer Knives kick A**, The only thing that worries me is that they are only $80.00, am I getting really good quality that can take everyday use ?

All of God's Critters may have knives, but most of them are Benchmade Knives
Yep, Rob will do anything you want. He's made 2 true customs for me, and in the process of making me a custom sword.

Forgot to add: He was at the Oregon Knife Show this weekend if you've had trouble reaching him

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Rob stresses on his website that he is a custom maker. I have a custom survival knife that he made for me, and a Cetan that is semi-customized. Great guy with great knives.

I think Boyer knives are as strong as you will find. They are differentially hardened high carbon steel. For the price, you may not be getting the most exquisite finish work, but you are getting a really strong blade. He has his kydex multi-carry system sorted pretty well too.

If I had $400 to blow on a small fixed blade, I am positive it would be an RJ Martin Kozouka #4 in A-2, which is only $250.



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Check out for Newts new site.
It all depends upon your intened uses, but from my personal experiences, the following makers' knives are par excellence!

* Bob Dozier
* Rob Simonich
* Newt Livesay
* Trace Rinaldi

Any of these makers knives are made to be used... they just plain work well!

If you are interested in VERY inexpensive knives, Kabar and Ontarior Spec Plus come to mind.