"Summer of Sam" (plus the knife in it)

Feb 18, 1999
Saw it today, Spike Lee did a good job of capturing the feeling of '70s moviemaking with the grainy look. It's a long movie and some of the camerawork is bad and can make you queasy. A long movie at 2 hours and 15 minutes, it's okay if you are not overly sensitive about lots of issues.

A couple times in the movie appears a semi-serrated, drop-point one-hander with thumb disk similar to a CQC-7, but I suspect the knife is a Magnum or Fury knife. It's out of place in 1977, but it doesn't really play an important role in the movie.

I know it'll probably be dating myself, but the soundtrack reminded me of my teens...
...can't be that long ago...!
I really liked the movie but I am not offended by much at all.

What really suprised me is how little the killer is in it.

As for the soundtrack I loved it and I am only 16.

The knife looked to me like a CRKT Mirage.

thanks and take care
I grew up on Long Island and was there that summer. I had just graduated from High School. It was a very intense period for almost everyone. There were a lot of terrified people and several vigilantes. I have not seen the movie, really don't have a desire to. Did they play any songs from Billy Joel or Meatloaf? I seem to remember them getting a lot of airtime.


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Most of the soundtrack is disco-type music
mixed with some rock. The groups listed are: The Who, Grace Jones, Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers, Abba, and Thelma Houston.
One especially interesting special effect had to do with a large dog near the end of the movie.