Surefire Delta

I like and own a Surefire light, and the reviewer does a good job.

I'm sure some will fault the inclusion of a wrench feature, as it affects the framelock positioning. Even moreso the difficulty in using it for many applications that require the bolt to stand proud without obstructions. The difference in required leverage of half the knife length or a 6" ratchet is significant, and considering a ratchet was used to tighten the bolt, the knife is at an extreme disadvantage. Try it yourself - tighten a bolt with a ratchet and then loosen it with cut off end wrench. It's all about leverage.

It's a pretty useless feature, is what I'm saying. Sad for such a high priced knife, and reflects on the thinking behind the piece. Would Surefire add a Gatorgrip socket to their tail caps? They'd probably laugh in your face if it was mentioned, and highlights how expertise in a chosen field doesn't always translate to competence in another. I find most knives with some sort of hex nut driver function are poor substitutes for a true mechanics ratchet and socket set, so I'm not dissing Surefire alone here, I'm including them all, including anyone who puts a blade in a ratchet handle in the future.

Don't hold your breath for Snap On to come out with that.