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Sep 5, 2006
Just got a HK Benchmade 14200 drop point in the mail and its very nice everything I expected, but I'd ordered an Gerber Gator plain edge along with it because I figured I may as well push the total over $125.00 for free shipping. I fully expected the Gerber to be made in China or at least Tawain, but it was marked USA. Not a bad user knife for just over 30 bucks just as sharp as any and locks up tight. Great to see its USA!
Hey Jill,
I've admired that H&K line from afar this past year because I haven't got to handle any but the 14150 Snody fixed-blade (which I want).

I agree with you about the "made in USA".... as each year passes, it becomes more and more important to me, no matter what I'm buying. When shopping for a Christmas present, I even snubbed the Gerber line of multi-tools because they were made foreign. That H&K line is made in the U.S. too.:)
the Hk drop point is very heavy duty with benchmades axis lock, thick steel liners. hold the lock back the blade falls right out. very good blade for its size. holding it up to knives that appear bigger shows its blade to be as long. its definitely a strong knife.
Like the name of your post ("Surprised"), what surprises me is that you got that HK Snody for less than $150 !!!!! (Actually, reading your post, it cost you less than 125). Sounds like a great deal to me.
it was 109 even cause i just thought i'd buy a cheaper knife to make it over 125 (free shipping from savson's) so in honor of bear (in man vs wild) being dropped into Kenya and using a Gerber Gator to cut open an lion killed zebra so he could dine, I choose the Gerber! Hey if its good enough for Bear its good enough for free shipping for me!
heres the price for the one you want- HK FIXED BLADE BLACK COMBO EDGE G-10 HANDLE-14150SBT

14150SBTRegular price: $190.00Sale price: $115.00
That's the best price I've seen Jill, thanks. Where did you get that? Do you have the internet site?
I've been saying for a good while that the HK line from BenchMade is their most consistant quality built line up of knives. The ones I've had have all been flawless perfection and my two favorites of all time from Benchmade are the HK34 that you have which is also called the 14200 and the smaller HK29 or 14210. You can't go wrong with either of these. They are certainly two of the best values for the money for the most balanced folder system to come together as a whole in a long time. Can't get much better actions than these knives either. Silky smooth doesn't do them justice at all and falls short of describing the opening and closing of them. If I found one for a deal I'd sure jump on it.

WOW !!! those are some good prices! Has anybody dealt with these guys before?

Well, evidently Jill did and, judging by her first post, it went well. The best price I'd seen for the 14200 was about $150.

At $109 for an H&K 14200, looks like I'll be dealing with them too! (Although, instead of ordering a Gerber to bump the price up for free shipping, I think I'll just go whole hog and get the H&K14150 I've been salivating over). IF ONLY they would offer that knife w/o serrations!
I've ordered from savson many times and always get what i ordered, as fast as anyplace. last order placed online last wednesday night, had it on the next wednesday which is great because i never paid a cent to ship and the mail was off Monday and Tuesday. i have them send priority mail because i can go to the post office to pick it up if i miss them.
Here 's another vote for savsons, I've always been happy with the service and delivery. I've order three or four knives from them.