Survey results for my hobbyist topic, WOW are we a lot alike!

May 21, 1999
First of all, many thanks to all who has responded. It is very interesting how similar we all are. Perhaps ZOG can give us some insight as to the psychological relationships. I did take some liberty in combining certain similar responses. All topics are a percentage of the total members who responded.

Shooting/Hunting 49%
Reading/History 40%
Fishing 33%
Musician/Music 30%
Moter Sports 30%
Camping/Hiking 26%
Martial Arts 21%
Video/Computers 21%
Other Sports 14%
Photography 12%
Water Sports 12%
Biking 12%
Collecting/Antiques 9%
Art 9%
Woodworking 9%
Writing 7%
Dogs 7%
Sharpening 7%

All other responses less than 5%

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Sharpening is only 7%!?! Can I repost? Hey all of those add up to more than 100% How did you calculate?

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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DW, 7% of the members who responded listed sharpening as one of their hobbies. I like to sharpen too but forgot to list it. Tks for the info on capitalhillblue. Rgds

I also enjoy sharpening. I can't stand a dull knife. I'm always asking friends if they have knives that need sharpening...
I never really considered it a hobby, though... just kind of lumped it into the "knife collecting as a hobby" category.

I was a bit surprised to find that a lot of us here are musicians/into music. The interest in martial arts came as no surprise. It seems that the biggest common things between people who share all 3 would be knives, martial arts and musicianship. Interesting.... I'm starting to wonder if there's anything to all that "past life" mumbo jumbo my girlfriend keeps talking about....

Anyway, I'm surprised that the collecting of comics has not been mentioned. I used to collect them back in the early 80's, but haven't bought any in quite a few years. The ones I have are just sitting around hopefully gaining in value. It would seem reasonable to believe that the gamut of people here would be into comics...
Just a thought.

Hi Orion,
I did mention comic collecting in my post, but I think I was one of the only ones that mentioned it, so it was probably less than 1%. I don't really collect anymore, occasionally I'll pick up a cerain artist or writer I like, but that's about it. In fact, I'm thinking about unloading some to invest in cutlery.
The fact that we all share the same interests(well lots of anyway, BTW I like sharpening too) dosen't surprise me at all.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, what we have here is basically the Elite Core of knife people. We are the hard center from which all ripples begin. If it is hot in the cutlery industry today, chances are that it was really hot here yesterday(or a few days ago).

Basically, we ROCK!

I am surprised computers rated so low considering we are all on the internet.
There have been many replies to the original post since I first posted the results here. I will update the total percentages again but I don't think it will effect the numbers in significantly. We’re all the same you know.