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Mar 30, 1999

I am looking for a Survival/Combat fixed blade knife that I can count on when I'm out in the woods.I really don't want to spend more than $200 for it but I'm open to suggestions.I want this knife to be tough as nails,hold a good edge for awhile,and have a good comfortable handle.So,what should I get?All suggestions are appreciated!


Look at Newt Livesay's Wicked Knife Company blades. Either the ICU or the Air Assault should be just what you are looking for.

I would give you his web address, but I am at camp on my laptop, and don't have it with me.

Hello, well, one of my favorite fixed blade survival/fighters is my KA-BAR Fighter, it has an 8 inch blade, and is about 3/16 inches thick at the tang, the blade is very wide, and has a good heft to it, it is awesome at chopping, and delivers great slashes. The handle is kraton/rubber and is so comfy, the pommel can be used as a striking tool, and a great hammer, and the blade has a serrated portion on the blade, believe me, it is a great knife, mine has a tough as nails kydex sheath also. Look em up at ka-bars website, or maybe
Consider Greco knives too. Nice stuff at reasonable prices. Friendly and helpful people. Ordered one on a Friday, got it on Monday.

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If you are interested in the Ka-Bar then go to, they have the BEST prices that I have found anywhere on these knives.

If you are willing to spend like three hundred dollars, then take a look at the Chris Reeve "Project I" and "Project II" fixed blades. They are, without a doubt, the best fixed blades on the market toay, in my opinion. Plus, you can say you own a Chris Reeve...;-)

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I was seriously thinking about a Project 1, I just don't know if it would be worth spending that much on it.Does anyone know if Newt Livesay makes a 6 to 6 1/2 survival knife?Thanks for all of the suggestions,keep'em comin!

Don - What's the URL for Greco Knives? I can't find it. Thanks.

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Newt mades a knife with a 6 1/2 inches blade. It is called the Company knife.I looks tasty to me
I have his air assault. Good knife...holds a great edge. Very nice comfy handle and pro made sheath. Can't go wrong with newt.
I've had my Project 1 for around two years now, and I use it as hard or harder than anyone on the planet uses anything.

While I do think that U.S.$300 is a bit steep for any knife, this is one knife that I certainly don't regret spending that amount for.

It's a damn good knife. Unless you have delicate hands, I highly reccomend it.