Survival kit sharpeners

Nov 2, 2009
Evening all

I am new to survival kits and was wondering if any of you include some form of sharpening aid or device in your kits. If so what do you use?

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How big is the kit?

The sharpener with the best size to usefulness ratio is probably the first one on this page;

A two sided diamond plate (comes in a vinyl cover).

The bigger you go, the better I think with sharpeners. All depends on how much room you have to work with.
Thanks guys, I dont have any set ideas about kit size or contents. I am new to the idea of carrying some form of survival kit so I am just trying to figure out the best sort of stuff for my environment here in rural Canada. It seemed like a logical item to include to get the best from your knife but I dont see much mention of them in the reading I have done so far.

Check out the DMT Credit Card Size Sharpeners, Gatco Tri-seps, and good ole sand paper.
The RAT Pack kit comes with a Smith's diamond rod-type sharpener. I don't know what grit it is, but it's on the coarse end of the spectrum.
I have a DC4 for field sharpening, works great and very effective on the RATs 1095 steel. I highly recommend it as a pocket sharpener, a great value.
diafold fine/x-fine does good for me until I can get home to the strop and red rouge for fine polishing.
I use either a DMT coarse/fine Diafold or the kit that I keep in my EDC bag.

What I keep in the bag includes: Coarse, Fine, and Extra Fine DMT credit card sharpeners, carbide drag-through for fixing really mangled edges in the field, and a tube with half of a medium and half of a fine Sharpmaker rod in it (I took a medium rod and a fine rod and deliberately broke them in half to fit in the tube).

+1 on the fallknive d4 with or with out the ceramic side the thing works great, you can even use the leather it comes with to strop
I carry a DMT Diafold coarse/fine -- I figure if I actually have to use a sharpening stone in the field, it's because I really messed up the blade and have to move some metal. I also carry a small 4" ceramic honing rod, which maintains the edge great for field use.
Plus, the DMT Diafold was the 1994 and 1998 Blade Accessory of the year. That has to mean something! :D
Another vote for the diafold here, probably one of the best field sharpeners money can buy. I also carry the coarse/fine when I go out.